arni4 февраля 2020 09:28  
Spin Casino
Thank you to the developers and administration of your casino.I've been playing for about three months.In the black, though not particularly large, but still in the black.Payments are instant.I will continue to play with you.Everything is done in a human way and for people.All the advise guys.Play one but not the last.Good luck to everyone.Unlike many other casinos, everything is at the highest level.
Georgios4 февраля 2020 02:25  
AMCA Blocks 9 Online Casinos
Why are they so obsessed with treating us like children? If we want to gamble, and as a country, and as you have pointed out, we do love to gamble, why is our government acting like our Mums and trying to keep us from doing what we want to do!

Let the free market rule. I'm voting any politician who supports these fools out next term.
harry0114 февраля 2020 00:30  
Betting gang arrested in Canada
That is a lot of money holy crap!
Wish I had a taste of that sweet cash.
Read the linked article
Read the linked article4 февраля 2020 00:26  
Fastest Paying Gambling Websites
Most of the data is collected off of 2+2 forums and Reddit. I'm going to start contributing my data to this report as well.
THanks for the info!
Jamer971 февраля 2020 21:01  
Casino Fairplay
Good afternoon, I have been using casinos from the site for a long time, always only honest casino payouts come all honestly very happy that there is such a site where there are many different gambling games that honestly pay the money won, thank you
Андрей1 февраля 2020 14:17  
Vegas Crest
So far, the most profitable and profitable casino that I came across. Beautiful design, easy and intuitive interface. Fast payouts, a wide variety of slot machines I advise
GeraltVlad1 февраля 2020 02:19  
XBet launched a mobile app
X-Bet is one of the best bets for rates. A convenient interface for both the PC and the smartphone. Always good, and most importantly, high coefficients. A large starting bonus for new players.
Helen31 января 2020 20:48  
For what I like Azino 888 - everything is as simple and clear as possible. Payments come on time, the machines give out wins with good frequency. Of course, I have not become a millionaire yet, but I have not gone to minus either. I mainly play gaminators from Novomatic, I don’t really like the new slots.
Bogdan31 января 2020 10:54  
SuperCat casino: no deposit bonus for all beginners
Wonderful bonuses! I was shocked when I first tried this system, it really works and makes money. There is no limit to my happiness, now I always play only here! Thanks to the developers of this casino, you are great!!!!!
Ivaneta2830 января 2020 20:19  
Casino Slotohit
About 1500 different types of cool games,bonus up to 100%.The minimum deposit amount is 10 EUR, USD.The minimum withdrawal amount is 25 EUR, USD.
The best online casinos.
Bob_Bill10 января 2020 11:16  
Casino Slotohit
Great casino!
lvovakristina8 января 2020 14:30  
Play Fortuna
I really liked this casino game system . the casino offers excellent bonuses, simple registration and a friendly interface.with adequate technical support that can help at any time
Oleg Makaruk
Oleg Makaruk7 января 2020 23:37  
Free Bonus to All New Customers at All Right Online Casinos
An interesting modern casino with a wide range of different offers. There is almost everything that the most gambling customers need. Be sure to try everything personally!
Yes, and I recommend you too. Who plays that wins!
Alex Bell
Alex Bell7 января 2020 00:27  
Casiplay Casino
Casiplay Casino is an online casino in which there is everything, you will find many surprises here. The logo has a gradient effect, very beautiful. There are four languages ​​and it is very convenient. Casiplay is also available in the mobile version. I like it and I like it. There are better conditions for the players. I advise everyone.
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Casino Fairplay
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Casiplay Casino
A very high degree of winning, I recommend everyone to try. Very pleased with the game. It is still not very pleasant to receive a bonus.
Bukashka31 декабря 2019 08:06  
One of the best online casinos where I played. Simple and intuitive interface, interesting and colorful slots. And most importantly, stable payments. Definitely recommend it.
Severance31 декабря 2019 04:53  
A very good casino, safe and money arrives on time. Pretty simple interface, slots work without bugs. I recommend for anyone who wants make money doing what he love. Good luck to everyone!
HilgolnVithmuth26 декабря 2019 19:15  
I really needed money to buy a new flagship smartphone, but there were problems with work, after weighing all the pros and cons, I decided to try my luck at the casino. My choice fell on the casino Azino888. Having made a small contribution (to make the game go faster) I was able to withdraw four times as much! This is an excellent result for online casinos!
jen925 декабря 2019 17:12  
All Right
good!!! very nice All Right Bonus up to No deposit bonus
iordana1125 декабря 2019 14:14  
Beach Babes slot machine
Really this game is very interesting and beautiful, with pretty nice photo, and playing in this game makes you feel like you are there on the beach with all the sexy women!
Сергей Морозов
Сергей Морозов24 декабря 2019 09:58  
Casino Fairplay
Quite a good casino, games with a normal return coefficient, the bonus program is generous, you can participate in tournaments.It was possible several times even to withdraw good money from there.So that d continue to play and all advise.You will be satisfied.
andrej klemenčič
andrej klemenčič23 декабря 2019 17:23  
Blackjack online
The basics of blackjack
Blackjack is played with a French card set and your opponent is a card dealer. The goal of the game is to beat the dealer so that the value of your card combination is higher than the dealer's value and nevertheless lower than 21. If the total of cards received is higher than 21, you lose the game.

Before you start playing, you must bet the amount you want. This can be a virtual amount as part of a free version of the game, but you can bet real money if you are confident enough about your gaming skills. When you place a bet, the dealer distributes to each player two covered cards. The dealer also receives two cards, with one facing up, visible to all players.
Djeck20 декабря 2019 13:59  
Great online casino! Registered in it more than a month ago. Free spins have already played and brought money to the Bank card. They died quickly. I really like this casino. I recommend to all!
Tamara19 декабря 2019 03:12  
Nice site. I recommend registering, because the bets are always clear, the coefficients are real and high enough. There are no problems with viplata.
Alex77718 декабря 2019 19:16  
Casino Fairplay
I don’t have free time to sit and go out at slot machines at my computer. But this does not cancel the love of gambling. In Fairplay casino it’s convenient to play not only the desktop, but also the mobile version. The interface pleases with functionality, slots work without bugs and freezes. A couple of days ago, while driving in the subway, I “rolled” 300 bucks clean into the drums. Yes, Fortune is often on my side. The main thing is not to go too far and not put the whole budget. You make a request and in a couple of hours money comes. It was a little longer the first time since the docks were being checked.
I like that there is a mobile version, cool games, I win periodically.
Vadim18 декабря 2019 15:10  
Frank casino
Excellent casino, offers good bonuses and a high percentage of winnings, have long registered there and play with the conclusion has never been a problem, thank you to the creators, support is fast and acceptable, thank you)
stacy7517 декабря 2019 16:28  
first of all, I would like to work in demo mode. he's here. only then will I be able to make a complete overview of the game and start playing for first glance, all tempting but still need to master all the subtleties of this game.I decided to start...
le quy hai
le quy hai17 декабря 2019 03:46  
I really enjoy this game. It gives me moments of relaxation. My friends and I play together, side by side on the fierce battlefield. It was great to play such games together. I appreciate this game very much. I love this game
Alina Sarbu
Alina Sarbu6 ноября 2019 10:27  
Casino Fairplay
From my point of view- very reliable casino. I was trying to use many other casinos,but this is the best one. What I liked mostly- you can start with the small amount, withdrawals are very fast, the funds are not held for double check as well as account verification does not take much time.

Playing in an online casino is fun. Nobody would argue with that. But every game is better if you play it with friends. Aren’t yours interesting in gambling? Well it’s not a problem anymore, because each user in our website can become one of them. You have the same hobby and this is a good start. We have created a special section for discussions, you are right in it. Feel free to chat!

You can talk about any questions connected to gambling and the work of the service. Do you want to find someone to play poker with? Would you like to discuss recently made-up strategies? Do you need to clarify rules of any particular game? If so, then you are at the right place!

Here you can also give us feedback the service, gambling company and slots. This will help both us and other players. We will find out what to add to the website and which features need to be reworked. Any constructive criticism is good for us, because it gives us information about our weaknesses. This is the best way to improve. Because of your feedback, other gamblers will know better which slots are worth trying.

Don’t be scared to share your opinion! It’s very important for developers and ordinary users. Together we will make this website a much better place!



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