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Beach Babes slot machine

With a title like Beach Babes, it is clear what Microgaming has to offer with these slots online. This game therefore have very nice images of beautiful bikini models and the sounds will make you feel as if you are sitting on the beach while playing. With 5 wheels and 25 paylines you have enough chance of winning at the Beach Babes slots. Unlike other Microgaming options, the Beach Babes slot machines do not have a progressive jackpot to participate in. Is this game still worth playing?

This slot have the obvious summer tones, and the symbols for which you are going to play make this very clear. A cool box, the nice ladies, and a lifeguard ensure that the Beach Babes slots bring you right into the right mood.

The Wild symbol in this game is represented by the Beach Babes logo itself and it ensures that you have a chance of winning beautiful. The Scatter symbol is represented by the cool box and ensures that you can earn a lot of money with free spins.

Beach Babes slot machine

When you have three cool boxes you can run 20 times free, with four cool boxes you can run 25 times free, and do you have five cool boxes? Then you can play no less than 30 times free! If you win something during free spins, this is multiplied by no less than six times. In addition, it is possible to win even more free spins during free spins.

The free running at the Beach Babes online slot machines ensure that it has something special to offer. The images and the sound are not that big, but for the people who want to have a chance to win a great victory; Beach Babes is a good option.

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iordana1125 декабря 2019 14:14   Reply
Really this game is very interesting and beautiful, with pretty nice photo, and playing in this game makes you feel like you are there on the beach with all the sexy women!

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