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Taboo by Endorphina

Taboo is an online slot from Endorphina that clearly pushes the limits of decency. We already have enough cupboards with green Irish males, animals, Norse Gods and they will have thought about Egyptian mythology at this striking game provider. And perhaps because the 50 Shades of Gray books - and movies - are hugely popular, they have opted for a slot with an BDS theme.
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Yes: Taboo really breaks a taboo. This is the first video slot where you have whips, clamps, high heels and handcuffs as symbols instead of cherries, diamonds and sevens.

Endorphina pushes the limits

Endorphina is not that dirty from a scandal in its time. They already released the Twerk shuffle slot machine previously. And a few years ago they were forced to withdraw the Maori lock from the market. They were accused of abusing the entire culture of a proud people for something as trivial as a final theme. With shame on the jaws, Endorphina pulled the Maori slot out of the online casinos as quickly as it came.

Taboo by Endorphina

But with Taboo they make it completely colorful (and blue). Apart from the theme, which goes very far, various female-unfriendly images are used. From submissive women tied to a collar to gagged wrists - the #Me Too movement may not be very happy about this.

Despite this controversial theme, we have decided to review Taboo. We know Endorphina as a party that likes to push the boundaries, but it certainly doesn't mean any harm. And besides: Taboo is just a very successful slot, with a few nice features.

How does the Taboo lock work?

There are 25 variable paylines and the game is played on 5 reels with 3 symbols per reel. The minimum bet is 1 cent per line and the maximum bet is 10 dollar per payline. This is how we arrive at a bet range of 0.01 dollar to 250 dollars per spin.

The theoretical payment percentage is 96% and the variance is medium.

Symbols and payouts

The symbols consist of a mix of all kinds of SM attributes and the words B, D, S, M. We will not describe all symbols extensively, but pictures say more than enough in this case.

The lady with the collar is in any case the highest paying symbol: this is good for 10,000 coins at 5 the same on an active payline.

Expanding wilds

The wild symbols fold out over the entire reel, which can regularly result in very nice payouts.

Bonus game: spin the wheel for cash prizes or the bonus game

3 or more scatters activate the bonus game: the Triskele Wheel Game. You will be taken to a large wheel where you can turn a maximum of 3 times. On the wheel there are cash prizes up to 25 times the total bet and the number of parts with BONUS on it. After each spin you can choose to take the cash prize or try to spin the BONUS. The cash prizes are worth between 10 x and 25 x the bet, so you can also fall back in the cash prize.

If you come on BONUS, you have won the main bonus. You now end up in a pick and click bonus, where you can choose all kinds of attributes in a kind of Red Room of Pain. And each attribute causes a different pain in a different way. Fortunately, there are also cash prizes attached to it, so at least you know what you are doing it for.

Double through the gamble function

If you have won a prize, you can try to double it. You do this via the gamble function, where you get to see 1 open card and 4 closed cards. If your chosen card is higher than the open card, your winnings will be doubled. The great thing about Endorphina slots is that you can step out at any time, even after you've seen the first card.

So in principle you can check with every win whether there is a 2 as a starting card. If this is the case, then you will get a no-chance chance to double. If you draw the same card, nothing is wrong - a new card is drawn.

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