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The latest news of gambling industry

The world of online gambling is constantly growing and changing. It’s now hard keep up with everything happening in the industry. For those, who are interested in casinos and poker, this is very important, as their income depends on knowledge (and luck, of course). However, most websites don’t pay much attention to news. You need to visit several of them in order to stay informed. Of course, it’s too inconvenient, because of having to spend too much time without actually playing. Fortunately, the problem is solved for our users.

We have decided to create the news section for everyone. Here you are provided with the latest happenings in gambling, both online and offline. Our editors are working day and night to make you feel satisfied with the quality of content. We are updating the section every day, so that nobody will miss anything significant. Fake news is not a thing in our website, as we check everything we post several times.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a regular reader, gambler or investor. You will find useful information anyway. Knowledge is power in gambling industry, and we want every user on the website to be successful in this field. Read news, articles and interviews and leave comments. This is how you become a part of a huge gambling community that is always ready to help.


The most famous software developers (Microgaming, NetEnt, and many others) always work on new games and programs. We’ll keep you informed about all the happenings, so that you are able to use the latest versions of the software. Old-designed slots are not a thing nowadays. That’s why companies compete with each other in terms of making the best apps to stay demanded. All the novelties will be in this section of the website.

Mobile Gaming

Gambling on smartphones is becoming more and more popular. There are several reasons for it. Firstly, it’s the only way that allows playing casino everywhere. Secondly, it’s much more convenient to use a phone rather than a personal computer. Thirdly, this field is improving very fast. Reading information about the changes on different websites takes too much time, so we are going to help you with that.


Even though there is a separate section for bonuses, you can also find information about the new ones here. Despite the fact that most bonuses require a deposit, for some of them you don’t even have to put money. If the company carries out any promotion, you will be among the first ones to find out about it. We try hard to provide our users with the best special offers in the field and hope that you will like them.


Some countries introduce laws which allow online gambling, others, on the contrary, prohibit it. Rules can be different even at the same country, depending on the region. For example, several states in the USA have already approved this kind of activity, whereas others haven’t. In order not to break the law, you need to find a reliable source of information, and we are here for you.

If you want to read the latest news of gambling industry, then you are at the right place. All the information about online casinos, poker and other games is presented here, so you won’t have to surf the Internet for a long time to find it. We have already done this for you. A comment section is also available. You can share you opinion with other gamers and discuss recent happenings. Introduction to the world of gambling starts from the looking for the source of information to rely on. Now your search has ended. We will help everyone to be in touch with what happens in gambling all over the world.



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