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Everybody likes to spend times with friends playing Monopoly, Jenga or other board games. However, it can be hard to find time and place to gather together. But even this place can be solved. We have collected popular board games on our website. It is great to spend some time building Rubik’s Cube or compiling words in Scrabble. If you choose “Two players” option, then you can play online with friends or strangers. There’s also an opportunity to have a computer as an opponent. Choose difficulty level and make your first move.

You can play using this service any time you want. Now there’s no need to have numerous puzzles, Sudoku sets in your cupboard. They require a lot of space. Moreover, a lot of money is spent on them. Playing on this website is completely free. Just select a category and an application and enjoy the process. Good graphics and musical accompaniment make it even more pleasant. Such a wide choice of applications is the main reason why people like this website.

Best board games

You probably sometimes have to deal with the following problem. Details from the game set can be lost and often it means that the party is over, as the main reason of gathering has been wasted. Imagine playing chess without a queen. Will the match bring you and your friends any satisfaction if you replace this piece with any other thing? Probably not. Eventually you will have to buy a new set, which can costs a huge amount of money. Online chess from our website can be a good solution, as all application here are completely free.

You should keep in mind that you don’t have to even ask friends to play with you or find an opponent by yourself, as computer can oppose you. There are several difficulty levels and you can choose the most suitable one. PC’s actions are well thought out. They can be unpredictable too. It’s much more interesting to play against a good opponent, isn’t it?

If your friends are busy at the moment, but you don’t want to play against a computer, then the system will match you with another player. It will keep in mind your level of play. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people from all over the world and find out if there is any distinction in the play style between players from different countries. It’s fun to communicate with foreigners in such a great atmosphere.

Registration is not necessary on the website. You don’t have to spend any time entering your personal data and verifying your account through email as we trust our users and we want them to trust us. You can play here whenever you want, as out service works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

New board games

We try to monitor all novelties to give players an opportunity to try them among the first. So classic games is not the only category on the website. Thousands of people are surfing the Internet to find something they have never tried. There’s no need for that as all new applications are already here. If you don’t see some good games here, then you can advise us them by sending a letter via email. We will try to add this application as fast as it is possible.

We provide best board games for adults and children. And they are useful for both groups of people. Such virtual simulators as mahjong, Chinese checkers and Sudoku can be good teaching tools. Experts say that they improve the following qualities:




visual memory;


All these skills can help you adapt in the society, so it’s recommended to play board games more often. No registration, SMS, email and money is needed to use our website. Just press “Start” and have some good time. Hundreds of flash applications are waiting for you. Choose your favorite games or try new ones. We will not disappoint you!