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Euro roulette

European roulette was invented in XIX century in Germany by Francois Blanc. The businessman decided to make some changes to a French version of the game. He removed double zero in order to increase chances of winning for gamblers. Casinos have become more popular among people and European roulette is now one of the most common games both online and offline.

Due to statistic, Euro roulette is among the most beneficial games. An average RTP in it is equal to 97,30%. We’ll explain you what this means. For every 100 $ you bet, expected return will 97.30. $ So risks of losing a bankroll completely are not very high. However, you should always keep in mind that everything depends mostly on your luck. Moreover, this game has got several versions too, so RTP may vary.

We have collected the best online casinos for you. There are only reliable companies on this list. Feel free to choose one of them. Don’t be scared that you will be deceived. We have tried all these websites many times and interviewed a lot of gamblers and experts in this field. All of your winnings will be withdrawn as fast as possible. We don’t cooperate with any casinos, so our reviews are completely unbiased.

European roulette wheel

There are 37 numbers on the board. The numbers from 1 to 36 are painted black and red. Zero is always green. The wheel spun and a small ball is thrown in the opposite direction. These tools are made from specific materials in order to reduce friction losses. Some people think that a professional dealer can make the ball land into a specific area, but that’s just a myth. It’s possible only if the wheel has some defects. In good condition it’s almost a perfect random number generator.

European roulette wheel has some differences in comparison with the American. It has 37 numbers instead of 38, as there’s no double zero. As was said before, it affects the chances of winning. If you bet on the particular number you paid the same — 35 to 1 in both versions. As you have an advantage is Euro roulette it’s recommended to choose this version. It’s just more profitable. The order of numbers also differs, but it’s not a big deal. The bets that can be made in both games is almost the same, except the fact that in the American roulette it’s allowed to place your money on 5 numbers at the corner by 0 and 1. All in all, European version has much more benefits over the other types, so we recommend you to play it. So do think the majority of people from all over the world.

European roulette online

Since the Internet is growing very fast it has become possible to play favorite board gaems online. Roulette is not an exception. Choose one of the casinos from the list and start earning real money. Sitting next to a computer has never been such an enjoyable process, as there is an opportunity to make a fortune out of pure luck.

The main reason people play European roulette online is that you can play it wherever you want. Why search for a reliable casino nearby you have an access to them via your personal computer, tablet or even a smartphone. Even working hours will not be so long anymore, as smartphone is always with you.

People who don’t want to take any risks connected with money have got a suitable option too. Most casinos presented on our website have got a demo mode. This means that you can play roulette games for free. Sure, you cannot earn real money in such a way, but it’s great to gain some experience too. And when you are confident enough it’s time to show the world your skills. There are so many opportunities, so what are you waiting for? Choose a casino and start playing without registration and deposits!

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Eliu Alex Gomez
Eliu Alex Gomez10 августа 2019 17:32   Reply
Hi, good games
Danny5 сентября 2019 12:22   Reply
Good game. I thought this was another fake, but I won several times already. I love roulette, I’m so unlucky in poker, weak combinations constantly fall out ((
Vadim5 сентября 2019 15:06   Reply
Roulette is actually very good. This is not the first time I play, and I always really like it!
Already advised his friends, they are also delighted with this game! Time flies quickly and not noticeably, and most importantly, there is a very strong excitement!
Camila3 октября 2019 08:37   Reply
I always play a pleasant game, even if I’m not lucky. Well, there are great chances to rise! Let everyone be lucky in this category.
Slava9 февраля 2020 15:09   Reply
People usually go to the casino to have fun in luxury and excitement. To earn money, they go to work. And then, the casino never loses money. If you have extra money, play for fun. Good luck! Evaluate all the chances of winning.
Olga15 февраля 2020 14:57   Reply
I adore the European roulette in a Top-casino. It always so is fascinating. I advise to all to try this game!
Golodnblu16 февраля 2020 02:13   Reply
very cool casino! You can really win money! Intuitive interface, good design, and a lot of bonuses...

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