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Fastest Paying Gambling Websites

For most people, fast withdrawals are one of the most important things about casinos. It can be easily explained. Nobody would like to wait for several weeks in order to receive money they have earned. In order to help players, professionals have made a report on gambling sites with the fastest cashouts in the industry. This report is available on the link:

How Was the Information Gathered?

Professional Rakeback company, which carried out the research, find out what payment methods each website uses. Then it interviewed real players. They told when they requested a withdrawal and when the money was received. It usually happens in forums and social networks devoted to online gambling.
If you want to help Professional Rakeback with the research, please, include information on the following:

⦁ the website;
⦁ the requested amount of money;
⦁ the chosen cashout method;
⦁ the date of the request;
⦁ the date of receiving funds.

Fastest Paying Gambling Websites

The Form of the Report

The company has created two tables on each casino based on the information obtained. The first ones contains all the available cashout methods on the website. Then data on stated timeframe and actual payout times is compared. Average length of withdrawals is available for all 4 quarters of 2019.
The second table contains also has information on timeframes for cashout methods. However, there is some additional data. You can find out if there are any fees and what are the minimum and maximum amounts of money you can receive.

Casino rating

There’s a special rating based on the information received. All the characteristics are taken into account in it. The report score for each network can change every month, so results are compared to each other. There are both casinos you can rely on and those whose cashouts take too much time. This is a result of the Professional Rakeback company not cooperating with any casinos. That means that the report is completely unbiased, as nobody can affect the experts’ opinion.

The key facts and key stats will help you make the right choice among all the websites. Additional information under the tables is written to fulfill the same purpose. If there are any problems with withdrawals, it is also stated on the website. People working on it want every gamer see both good and bad sides of each network, as it’s the only way to be objective.


Just a few years ago withdrawals were considered pretty fast if they were carried out within a week. Nowadays, the situation has become a lot better for gamers. The cashout times have been cut down to 2 days on average. What’s more, some gambling websites offer same-day payouts. However, timeframes presented on sites aren’t always true. That’s why such reports as the one made by Professional Rakeback are necessary for everyone.

If you want to make withdrawals as quick as it’s possible, then you should pass verification on the casino you use. You have to do this in advance, because the faster you prove your identity the faster changes will have an effect on cashout speed. You should also consider using another payment method. Operations with cryptocurrency, for example, usually take less time.

The report will be useful for all gamblers, especially those who live in so called “grey markets”. These are countries where offshore casinos are the most popular because of problems caused by legislation and limited amounts of payment methods available. Other people will also find the rating useful, as there is a lot of information everyone needs to know.

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Read the linked article4 февраля 2020 00:26   Reply
Most of the data is collected off of 2+2 forums and Reddit. I'm going to start contributing my data to this report as well.
THanks for the info!

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