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Frogs Fairy Tale by Novomatic

Paylines always 20
Bet 2 cents to 5 dollars per payline
Maximum bet 100 dollars per spin

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The Frogs Fairy Tale slot from Novomatic is a real fairy tale, because there is virtually no other slot machine on the internet where you can come across so many different bonus features. During the basic game you can run into random multipliers and you also have a bizarre amount of bonus games that can be activated. And if that's not enough, this slot also has a progressive jackpot.

Frogs Fairy Tale

We all know the story of the prince who had turned into a frog, right? Well, that's the theme of the Frogs Fairy tale slot. The frog is everywhere in this game and with a lot of different bonus features you will be eligible with the princess. Because she must of course kiss you, since that is the only way for the frog to turn back into a prince. But before we anticipate on things with bonus features and such, we must first briefly review the basic game. There are nine different normal symbols in the game plus a wild with a frog. They are planted at every spin on a game screen with fifteen squares and 20 different paylines that cannot be adjusted by the player. When you bet one dollar per line, or 20 dollars per spin, you can count on these winnings with a combination of five in a row. In all likelihood you will play with a lower amount, but for that you only have to put the stated amounts in perspective in order to get a good idea of the game.

Frogs Fairy Tale by Novomatic

The frog bonus that ensures multipliers

First of all, there is a feature in Frogs Fairy Tale that can be activated at any time during the basic game. With every turn it can happen that the frog at the top of the game screen goes hunting for flying and that is only good news for you. Because every fly he catches ensures a higher multiplier and the relevant factor is then applied to any winnings made in the next spin. Now that will not always result in a huge amount, but given the prizes that can be achieved through winning combinations, it is certainly possible that the winnings will increase considerably.

The Lily Pad bonus that creates a different game or jackpot

Do you already find the game features of this slot machine impressive? We have only just started, because even Koi Princess falls into nothing compared to this slot! In addition to the symbols above, you can also find lily characters in the first, second and third roles in this game. When you get three of them then the corresponding bonus game starts and that can mean anything. The Lily Pad bonus is in fact the method used to determine which bonus game you are allowed to play, which can be quite a lot. Look under the lilies in the pond to collect different symbols. With five jackpot characters you win the progressive jackpot that is displayed at the top of your game screen, but of course that doesn't usually happen. Instead, you can usually count on one of the following four bonus games.

The free spins bonus with stacked wilds

The free spins bonus game gives you five free spins with which you can try your luck. That is not a huge number, but the chances of winning here are relatively high. In addition to the frog game, you currently also have a stacked princess game that occupies three boxes one above the other. And when the frog and the princess are on your playing screen at the same time, the frog gets a kiss, on which he turns into a stacked prince wild. With a bit of luck, the entire picture will be filled with stacked wilds at a given moment!

The enchanted stream bonus

In this feature you must swim the current to end up at the golden ball. Click on the large sheet to see what the bonus is hidden underneath, because this can mean anything. For example, the heart gives extra available prizes, the frog pushes you further towards the ball and when you arrive at the ball the next bonus game starts.

The golden ball bonus with hefty prizes

Once you have arrived at this feature, there is little that you have to do. Three golden balls have fallen into the pond and you have to choose which one to pick up. The moment you have chosen a ball, the corresponding price will be visible, which means a cash prize that can go up considerably.

The recognizable colossal spin bonus

In this feature you can use a colossal symbol that is similar to the one from Spinata Grande by Netent. That huge character completely fills the first three roles of the game screen and you are therefore guaranteed a great price.

The simple princess prize bonus

The last bonus game from Frogs Fairy Tale is not very complicated. The princess comes forward in your image and she will wave kisses at you. Every time she gives you a kiss, the price goes up and with that it's just a matter of waiting to see how much you've won.

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Maks14 ноября 2020 15:06   Reply
I liked the slot machine "The Tale of the Frogs" right away, since I still have a love of fairy tales since childhood. There are so many interesting and funny things here! And at the same time, the rates are very small and you can win often. It’s a pleasure for me.

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