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A Night Out Review

Do you want to go out for a pleasant evening? At the A Night Out slot machine it will certainly be a big party! You will be taken to the disco and of course, you will find beer and then tropical fruit cocktails and lots of beautiful ladies.

Everything that has to do with a disco can be found on this slot so it's worth giving it a try! Bonus functions can be found on A Night Out. It is all completely in style with the theme and if you look at the images then you see that you will not lack anything.

Don't forget to turn on your sound because this makes the playing experience complete! You get the best gambling feeling when you try this slot machine and you can do it at home and you don't have to leave the house. But you can also play A Night Out on your mobile and then you have even more chances of winning, purely because you can play wherever and whenever you want.

A Night Out Review

A Night Out Review

You have 5 reels on the A Night Out slot machine and then another 20 paylines. The point is that you play the best combinations and if you succeed, you can win great prizes. As you may be used to from the Playtech slots, you can collect hefty prizes if you are lucky! For example, you have the well-known Wilds that you can recognize as a glass of beer and can then replace other symbols on the reels. However, do you have 5 beer glasses on a payline? Then you get the prize of 10,000 coins.

The prize table gives you a good idea of which symbols can be found on the reels at A Night Out. That way you can get even better out of what's in it. You can see which symbols are there, but also how many you need to win prizes. You can also see how big the prize is that you can win and which bet is best for you to place.

The advantage of the A Night Out slot machine is that you cannot just spin the reels manually. You also have the option play automatically and that is possible thanks to the presence of the autoplay function. Then you need the autostart button that you can find under the regular start button. However, you don't always have to use this function because you decide whether you want to play manually or automatically. There are also other settings on the A Night Out slot machine that you can adjust so don't wait, but make sure you know what you like while gambling.

Another advantage is that you can also play on mobile devices and that is often used with the A Night Out slot machine. You can then play wherever and whenever you want and this way you immediately increase your chances of winning and winning options. All you have to do is open an online casino where A Night Out is offered on your mobile and then you can start. This is more than worth trying, so what are you waiting for?

A Night Out Bonus functions

A bonus can therefore not be missed on the A Night Out slot machine. Do you spin the bartender's symbol on both reel 1 and reel 5? Then you get the bonus because then it's up to you to ask one of the ladies at the bar to dance. You will then also buy them a drink and they will look at how many free spins you get.

But your prize will also be multiplied and you will only discover how often that is when you have landed in the bonus game on A Night Out. A great moment to look forward to and hope that you are very lucky and can get the most out of it! You have another perk and that is The Dollar Ball game. You must then bet money and then choose 5 numbers. After every spin on the slot machine, you will see a number and if you had chosen it you will get a super prize!

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