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Wild Nords

Wild Nords - a new slot with harsh northern bonuses

Wild Nords slot powered by Red Tiger takes the player to the land of the Vikings. Despite this, the game does not imply the expected severity. The developers have decided to move away from stereotypes, so, the slot looks very colorful and positive. The fans of the hard Nordic entourage won't be much disappointed, because there are some interesting features.

All unique elements of the gameplay in the slot are tied to the main and additional symbols sets. For example, the three main images of Vikings act as wild symbols. In situations where the winning combination almost formed on the reels, but one or two symbols are missing, the Viking images may help. Of course, provided that these images fall out on one of the 20 available pay lines. To speak shortly, the essence of the wild symbol lies in its versatility as in most slot machines.
Three brave warriors are accompanied by loyal "pets", which role is secondary, but still useful. Let's consider the purpose of all these pictures in more detail.

Wild Nords slot and its special symbols

And here we have our mighty Nords with their totem animals:
Bjorn - the eldest of the Vikings, armed with a heavy hammer. The leader-warrior of the northern warriors corresponds to the symbol of the bear. When they appear together on the reels, the bear also turns into Wild and is fixed in its position. At this time there is a bonus re-spin.

Rolf knows how to handle a sword and winning combinations on the screen. Rolf's totem is the Wolf that activates a re-spin by analogy with Bjorn and his bear.

Astrid - war bride. If she grabs the ax, it’s better not to stand on her way. She makes a picture of the eagle hold its position for the bonus rotation.

Each of the Vikings has the same set of multipliers: x30, x100 and x300 for combinations of 3, 4 and 5 identical symbols, respectively. Totem multipliers vary: bear - x20, x60, x200, wolf - x16, x48, x160, eagle - x12, x36, x120. In addition, there are standard symbols of playing cards: A, K, Q, J, 10. They have the lowest coefficients, but their presence significantly increases the probability of receiving a win. By the way, Wild Nords slot provides 95,24% RTP, so, there is no doubt about the generosity of the North warriors.

It is worth noting that the counting of winnings is made on both sides of the reels. For comparison, the prizes are counted from left to right in most slots. If you want to increase any reward instantly, the risk game is always at your disposal after the winning combination falls out. A special indicator with a green and red field will always show the probability of a successful outcome. After each successful doubling attempt, there is an opportunity to claim a win.

Ability to play Wild Nords slot for free

Each soldier needs training before rushing to the battlefield. In contrast to the brutal Vikings who spent months training, you will cope much faster. You should always remember that you can play a demo version of the Wild Nords slot for free. You do not need to create an account on the casino website and make a deposit - simply find the slot in the list of games and launch a demo version. Well, as soon as you are ready to get a real trophy, join the Viking trio for money. Go to the snowy land of the Wild Nords and show how badly you want to win!

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irina18019 августа 2019 09:46   Reply
The game was advised by friends and I am very pleased! Loved the game! Great design and very fun! I play with great pleasure!
kristmas103 сентября 2019 12:41   Reply
I really liked this game. At first I played other slots, there I did not often manage to win. I was constantly looking for a game suitable for me, I could not find an interesting one. And finally, luck began to smile here, I put small amounts at first, but I'm lucky.

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