Alina Sarbu
Alina Sarbu6 ноября 2019 10:27  
Casino Fairplay
From my point of view- very reliable casino. I was trying to use many other casinos,but this is the best one. What I liked mostly- you can start with the small amount, withdrawals are very fast, the funds are not held for double check as well as account verification does not take much time.
Mark5 ноября 2019 21:22  
Casino Fairplay
A very good casino in which I won from 500 to 1,500 dollars a month. This is one of the best that I recommend for anyone who wants to win big money. Good luck to everyone
Олег4 ноября 2019 08:56  
Casino Fairplay
I have been playing in this casino for more than three and a half years. At the moment, everything suits me, the casino site is not intrusive in design, very simple and understandable, more than three hundred games, and the presence of many bonuses from the company is encouraging for big wins.
Sa1det4 ноября 2019 05:24  
This is a pretty good casino with a real chance to hit the jackpot. I have been using it for a long time and I can say that it is one of the best casinos there is. A lot of different and interesting games.
olga spencer
olga spencer3 ноября 2019 22:08  
Casino Fairplay
Hello everyone! I already have several days playing here at Casino Fairplay and my experience has been excellent because I have won a lot of money and the good thing is that the withdrawal is instantaneous for BTC, the games in which I have been able to win a lot are NetEnt, Betsoft, Spinomenal. I hope this note serves for your choice of Casino. Thank you!
america cox
america cox3 ноября 2019 21:54  
I am a full time player and I have chosen to play in BitStarz because I know I was chosen Best casino of 2017 and Choice of players of 2018 at the Ask Gamblers Awards. And make no mistake when selecting this casino because it is safe and money arrives on time. I have earned a lot of money here, I hope this information is useful for those who wish to play in a respectable casino.
javier baez
javier baez3 ноября 2019 21:38  
Winner Casino
I am new to the online casino, I have reviewed others, but Winner Casino is the safest so far because I have played and won a lot of money, so far I have withdrawn the money without problems, I liked the bonus I received when making my first deposit, I was lucky as a beginner. I hope it is like that for everyone! Thank you!!!
danny conner
danny conner3 ноября 2019 21:13  
Grand casino
I am a player of several online casinos, so I can compare with others and what I like most about Grand casino is the sign up bonus, so they give you 10 dollars and everything is very colorful. I loved the golden color of the menu. I made the first deposit and got a bonus, so far they have not failed me and that seems very good to me.
Dmitro3 ноября 2019 19:53  
Casino Fairplay
The guys really, the project works, invested yesterday, today the interest brought out, today I will again invest, only a little...
Suhendri6 октября 2019 15:46  
888 Casino
Suhenderi888 kasino

Suhennderi888 casino
Camila3 октября 2019 08:37  
Euro roulette
I always play a pleasant game, even if I’m not lucky. Well, there are great chances to rise! Let everyone be lucky in this category.
Tokof Georg
Tokof Georg2 октября 2019 23:39  
Play Fortuna
I love to try my luck, so I have repeatedly bet. It is interesting and everything is clear. It is very important for me. I marked my first win very brightly! Continue on!
Nick2 октября 2019 21:51  
Casino Fairplay
An excellent casino, I’ve been familiar with it for a very long time, scold the smallest wager when laundering a deposit bonus. Withdraw money very quickly and without delay, verification passed within 30 minutes, recommended
Lucy2 октября 2019 13:10  
Magic Red
I love this online casino! I really like that there is a mobile application and sometimes it is very convenient to play my favorite slots from anywhere. And there is also a lot of bonuses and a very small initial deposit of 10 euros. I had no problems using the service and withdrawing winnings
RammFan1 октября 2019 19:24  
Rock Climber
very good game, really gives you a double and win. You can get a bonus game and win an extra jackpot! I liked it, I will play it and recommend trying it, get involved and love it
sagwa23 сентября 2019 08:38  
Play Fortuna
This is the best casino there is, I thank those who created it, it has been very helpful, apart from that I also have fun, it is the best combination there is, play and win money, just wonderful, I congratulate you and wish you very much success, they deserve it
Geka199522 сентября 2019 23:24  
Stunned !!! won a lot of money on this site! Come in, register, you will not regret, I will still play necessarily, the excitement has appeared
ROBERTO TUDARES22 сентября 2019 16:25  
Play Fortuna
I am one of those who think that when playing in a casino the most important thing is the security of my money and I think this is a good place to play because it offers the possibility of a safe play and money is always available, in addition to this offers many bonuses upon entering which I think is excellent
Sasha22 сентября 2019 13:06  
I love this game, here I have more victories than losses. Poker is not some kind of machine, it all depends on knowledge and skills.
James Mcevoy
James Mcevoy20 сентября 2019 21:21  
Win Streak
Hello, I would like to share my impressions on the topic of this article. I completely agree with the author and I think that it is only on the winstroke and it is worth winning in such slots. Great topic, thanks for the info.
Djon Cyrtsito
Djon Cyrtsito19 сентября 2019 22:15  
GoodWin is one of my favorite gambling games, I like to play this game in the evenings. Already hooked all my friends so they are delighted with it as I am! I advise you to definitely try to play chance win is very large and you'll definitely get lucky !
Zair19 сентября 2019 10:42  
Ivi Casino
One of the best casinos I've played. This casino has a huge number of slots for every taste. The site is simply beautiful, everything is organized very beautifully, conveniently and functionally. The casino plays fair, the returns are excellent, there are no problems with the withdrawal of winnings. You can definitely recommend this casino for visiting and playing.
James19 сентября 2019 09:57  
I think this is the best casino. huge selection of providers and slots. and most importantly, fast payments. recommend! 5++
Bogdaan18 сентября 2019 15:38  
Casino Fairplay
Very good casino, i recommend this. 5 stars. Is best Casino.
luis davila
luis davila18 сентября 2019 15:10  
This casino has a lot of potential, GoodWin for me is the best at the time of payments you have several platforms. It is also very safe that is why I recommend GoodWin
Nick18 сентября 2019 11:30  
Grand casino
My first online casino in which I played. Immediately I want to highlight a very beautiful design and convenience and beauty in all games. The presence of public tables first of all testifies to the honesty of the casino - no one twists roulette specifically - this is at least =).
Irina18 сентября 2019 09:17  
Winner Casino
Accidentally got into this casino, played at small bets and won. Paid and very fast. I’ll probably visit often while I'm lucky. Everything works on honestly. I will try to bet more.Although I understand that a casino is an excitement, but if only for pleasure, you can afford a little. The main thing is without fanaticism.
Leonardo Granadino
Leonardo Granadino18 сентября 2019 08:00  
Winner Casino
I really feel quite satisfied with the service offered by this platform. A fairly complete casino and with which I have been able to generate a good profit margin.

I strongly recommend playing at this casino due to the high degree of seriousness it offers. And best of all, the platform rewards new users.
zhada17 сентября 2019 15:07  
Winner Casino
wow thank you guys, i am so thankful. this casino is best of the best.sooooo I am Soooooooooo Happyyyyyy<</ THANKS YOU Guys. so okay good luck:)))
Алексей Власов
Алексей Власов17 сентября 2019 10:52  
Play Fortuna
He also switched to netent and microgaming from offline strawberries and garages)) I’m so micro-taxis.) I recently registered in playfortun, in principle, everything is happy with the support, money is withdrawn, the choice of slots is decent, cashback on Fridays.

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