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Roulette Boule

Today few players know this sort of roulette, nevertheless this is one of the oldest and most popular games not only in private. First showing of "Roulette Boule" to the world was in 8th century in France, one of the oldest gambling countries of the world, from where the game came with a wet sail across all Europe and far beyond. You may play this sort of roulette staying at home, free and without registering.

Now, "Roulette Boule" is mostly widespread in sunny Spain, strict Switzerland and France, its motherland, what is not surprisingly. In appearance, it looks like a copy of good old European roulette that is usually called classical. The roulette has its ball track around which numbers are placed. It is notable that the wheel is placed into special bowl around which the croupier launches the ball into its winning race.

The next speciality of the game is the roulette wheel stays put, but the ball moves around the bowl falling into cell with certain number. On the bottom of the bowl in hollows, there are four groups of numbers from 1 to 9. Thus, in the bowl we have 36 different cells of 3 standard colours. Numbers 2, 4, 7, 9 are marked with red, 1, 3, 6, 8 – with black and 5 with yellow.

As you can see, "Zero" section is missing but its function is not lost and carried out by number "five". That means this number belongs to none of number groups, has its own colour and is carried out of "Even/Odd" and "High/Low" sections. Those who like mathematical calculations and estimations in gambling will see the true value of «Roulette Boule». Its advantage is 11. 11% in comparison with classical and European roulettes.

The game field of this roulette is divided into two main parts. On first one Even Money bets are accepted as well as the second one straight bets should be made on. Left and right parts are for red/black betting. The top and the bottom are for High/Low bets and in the centre, odd/even bets should be placed. There are no traditional number groups in this game like in classical roulette but this fact is not disparaging its advantages.

Types of bets
Straight bet. Payout ratio is 7: 1. The odds are 11. 11%

High/Low bets. Payout ratio is 1: 1. The odds are 44. 44%

Even/Odd bets. Payout ratio is 1: 1. The odds are 44. 44%

Red/Black bets. Payout ratio is 1: 1. The odds are 44. 44%

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