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Blackjack card counting basics

Card counting is one of the biggest advantages that a Blackjack player is able to give themselves, enabling them to be able to predict the card that is next to come into play.

The skill of card counting is something that many players have tried to learn but due to the skill and time required to be able to master the technique, many have failed and so have failed in their attempts, costing them money and time.

The basic concept of card counting means that players keep a mental count of cards that have come into play, being dealt into the game and then removing these card values from the cards that are still held within the dealers deck.

The advantage of this method comes when players are able to acknowledge that the deck will contain a certain concentration of both high and low value cards, helping them to decide if they are going to play their hand with a hit call or whether they should stand on the hand that they have due to a high possibility of large value cards still been held within the dealers deck.

Although there is an advantage to learning how to count cards, players should always be aware that is not a guaranteed way to win at the tables because there is a matter of luck and the fact that the cards are removed from the deck as random values due to the dealers shuffling.

The idea behind Blackjack card counting is to create a more informed decision for what to do with a certain hand that they are holding, reducing the card odds and possibilities by removing the live cards from the deck and re-evaluating the remaining deck as if it were a new one.

As explained there are a large number of players who try to count cards and they end up leaving the tables with nothing but pocket lint in their pants, this is due to the high number of players who fail to gain the skills and ability to execute this form of play correctly.

A player who is not correct within their approach to counting cards leaves themselves very open to make decisions that will see them sent to the rails way before they would have been should they have just played the game regularly, this is down to players thinking that they have the right approach but in fact they are off with their figures and mathematics, leaving them placing maximum bets into hands on the basis of a wrong calculation, turning the game into more of a luck influenced game than it should be. If you find that your calculations are getting you into trouble when it comes to betting, refrain from card counting and continue the game in your normal manner or stand up and remove yourself from the table, don’t try to rectify your game while playing, you will find yourself losing your funds and leaving the session broke.

The learning process of card counting his hugely important, the old saying that you shouldn’t run before you can walk coming into play here very nicely indeed.

You should first begin to read about card counting, and then move on to studying the basics and the methodology that used by the players who are executing the ability to their advantage. After you are able to fully understand the concepts and the methods used, it’s time to head to the play money tables to learn your new skill.

Taking time to practice the game on a free money table is highly recommended because you are no placing any of your funds at stake, meaning that should you get your methods and calculations wrong you are not losing money and so you can sit at the table until you are able to correct those.

Once you find that you are happy to head to the real money tables either online or live, do so but remember that strictly sticking to your methods is the only way that you are going to be able to make a success of your session. One slip of concentration and your hand should be rendered as dead, so stick to the stake you have placed and start again when the new game is started.

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