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Blackjack weaknesses

The casino game of Blackjack has proved to be a game that offers very little control to the play as to the outcome of their hand as each card dealt, meaning that developing a strategy that is right for you is very important.

Successful Blackjack players have been proven to analyse each hand that they play after they have completed the hand, so addressing how you dealt with a situation such as taking a hit on a hand value of 18 or playing it safe by holding with a hand that carried a lower value in the hope that the cards will run high for the dealer.

Analysis of your game is something that is massively important because this is where you are able to establish where you game offers weaknesses for which you need to rectify in order to be considered as a good player.

Many new and inexperienced players feel that each hand they play should be considered to be separate from every hand that they play but this frame of mind leaves them unable to truly consider the methodology that they have placed into their playing style, rendering it almost impossible to analyse your game play while you are looking for ways to improve your game.

You will find so many people on the internet telling you that analysis is the best form of development for a player, but sometimes it can be hard to do, let’s face it no players wants to find their negative points and highlight them.

True to the advice, finding your weaknesses will improve you as a player, enabling you to remove bad forms of play from your game and ultimately improving your overall performance and ability to win hands.

There are plenty of free tools that are widely available on the internet that will help in your bid to become a better player, automatically analysing your play through a free to use program designed to inform you if you made the correct play within the situation that you in.

If you are going to look to use one of these tools, you should know that although many claim to be 100% correct none truly, because their analysis done after the dealer has drawn their hand.

Although they are not fully accurate, they will offer a good insight into your playing style and a number of sessions with one of these tools will improve a couple of weaknesses that you might well have within your Blackjack game. Just remember that the program is there to analyse the way that you would play at the casino tables, so approach the game as if your play money bankroll were real money and that you were seated in a casino. Adapting your game to get positive feedback just for the play money program is not going to help you at the real money tables if your not going to carry that play onto the live tables when you have real money at stake.

Remembering that practice makes perfect is a great way to improve your game, eliminating the negative forms of play through continuous playing will aid your development at the real money tables, just remember that there are people who have studied the game and their playing style long enough to be able to make a full time living from the game, so if they can do it you can too.

The final thing that you have to remember in your bid to overcome weakness is that the only person to blame for your play is yourself, passing the blame onto the luck of the cards or the dealer for the casino you are playing at is not going to aid your development, in fact its going to cloak the issues that your playing strategy has and so will cloak the need to improve within that situational area.

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