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Types of Blackjack

There are different types of blackjack that you can use with pleasure. Just get started with American blackjack and play single blackjack, to finally discover which variant of the game you like the most. If you choose for a free practice game, you do not take any risks and you can try out the games in a very safe way. In addition, it is of course wise to make a deposit and ensure that you can actually make a profit. The rules of the different types of blackjack are very similar, so there are only a few small differences with regard to the effect of the whole.

American blackjack
American blackjack is very similar to the European variant that we generally play here. A big difference that used a lot is the "hole-card rule". This means that the dealer takes a second closed card and checks whether there is a 10, Jack, Queen, king or ace on the open card. If that is the case, he checks the closed card to see if there is a blackjack. In that case, all players who do not have a blackjack will automatically lose. This is a favourable rule for the players, since it ensures that they run less risk. The moment the bank has a 10 or an ace, the player runs the risk of running into a blackjack. This is not the case if the rule applies, as is generally the case when American blackjack played.

Single blackjack
You can also choose to play single blackjack. "Single" in this case refers to the number of decks that played with, since there are more than one during a normal game. People generally use multiple packs of cards to prevent them from properly estimating which cards will appear based on the cards, which are already out of play. During single blackjack, you do have this option, although the casino will generally choose to shuffle the deck again after 50% of the cards. However, that does not alter the fact that you can certainly take advantage of it if you are good at keeping track of the cards. In that way, single blackjack can give you a relatively large chance of winning.

Blackjack with progressive jackpot
If you choose for blackjack with a progressive jackpot, you can win a huge jackpot, which will generally go out every so often. You place a small amount of your bet in a pot, just like all other players who are active. A beautiful jackpot created in this way, which will eventually go out when you get a certain unique combination of cards on the table. The four aces that are involved in the game are a good example of that, since that chance is of course small. If you do succeed, you will receive the complete progressive jackpot and you will make a great profit in one go. Keep in mind that there are of course several players on the ace. It is therefore wise to play blackjack with a progressive jackpot for a longer period, in order to have the best chance of winning that nice jackpot.

High-limit blackjack
Finally, you can choose high-limit blackjack, with which you choose one of the general types. It is a general type, because you could in principle all play different variants of the game with a higher limit. High-limit blackjack only ensures that you have the option to wager a larger amount per round that you play. That means that you can suddenly play with a few hundred dollars, instead of a few dollars or perhaps a tenner. That way you have the possibility to win bigger amounts at the blackjack table. On the other hand, the disadvantage is of course that you take a little more risk and you will therefore need a little more experience. Try high-limit blackjack once and find out if the additional tension appeals to you.

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