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Bling Bling

"Ghetto can be black only", an unknown classic said. People are scared of going to such zones even in daylight. "Bling Bling" slot machine will let you safely go to such dangerous place. Three local guys will stay along with you there and help you to accustom and make money.

The description of "Bling Bling" slot machine.

Making money in this slot is quite easy – just roll the reels and count your wins. The bet values, the amount of lines – all this is for you to choose. The largest payouts are certainly from the toughest guys, so that appearing of 5 identical icons of a local gangsta in a row will give you a bonus 1500 of nominal bet value. The reels are unilateral, therefore winning combinations are chosen from left to right. Except local bosses, you can see many well-painted icons such as a pistol, golden knuckles, a bling-bling cap, a bundle of money and many others. After that, there is a group of special symbols, which give free spins and bonus games.

The bonus game starts with appearing of at least three bonus symbols on the active pay line – a stylish hatted man with golden chain on his neck. He is local pimp and takes new girls under his wing. All they hunger of sharing with you their profit. However, be careful, because cops send one of prostitutes. If you catch this fake, the game is over. The "scatters" symbol is easy to recognize, the name of the slot machine is signed on this. Appearing of three scatters will provide you with ten free spins. Playing "Bling Bling" you cannot pass by double game that is represented as well-known thimblerig game. You have to divine under what cap the cherished ball is and the win will immediately double.

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