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Who has not ever dream of being wealthy and having a large sum of money in his pocket? To achieve this many people start doing business, but only some of them become real businessmen, because it is a very hard work requiring much foresight. One mistake costs you having your competitors ahead with your probable profit. However, online casino is another pair of shoes because of having a wonderful "Businessman" slot machine, which will let you feel like a real businessman not leaving your house!

Three reels and three pay lines will become the field for your activity and the ticket to success. There only three control buttons - Spin, Auto, Bet Max - and nothing more. A cigar, whiskey, a hat, a cool car, a dollar icon, a wallet and a "Wall street" icon are not only traditional attributes of a successful businessman but also the symbols of winning combinations on reels. Even one hat icon may bring you a winning at the odds of 1: 1. Are there two cigars or whiskey icons? Get winnings at the odds of 4: 1 and 6: 1 respectively. 10: 1 payout is given for 3 wallet icons. And what about a 10, 000: 1 payout? This sum will fall down into your pocket if three "Wall street" icons appear on a pay line. Making sense of the winning combination is an easy part: the pay table is located just above the gaming field and you cannot forget them. Doing business means both going for broke and cautious money spending. This feature is included into "Businessman" slot, too! You may choose the following bet values: 5, 25, 50 cents as well as 1 and 5 dollars. Remember, that the more you bet the more you win!

Businessmen don’t need doles, so the slot has no a bonus game. However, it is not surprising with so profitable odds. Do you want the money work at you? It is easy! Just click "Auto" and the reels will spin automatically with set bet value. At that time, you may drink whiskey and relax. Once clicking "Bet Max" you may high roll and get a king's winning sum.

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