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Tens or Better

"Tens or Better" video poker has a quite traditional goal – to collect the most expensive winning combination. Nevertheless, small winnings will be nice as well especially when playing for money. There is a standard 52-card deck in the game.

The description
In the left side of the screen, there is a paytable above which there is a list of combinations for which the slot is ready to pay generously. There are your cards below and the competitors' ones above. In the right side, if the screen you may change the amount of coins for betting in the current round and choose the amount of hands. Next to the major hand, there are main control buttons. Clicking "Hold", you keep chosen cards on the table and the rest ones will be replaced. Clicking "Deal" you confirm a bet and start new game and "Max bet" button is for setting a bet at maximum for high-rollers.

Having placed a bet click "Deal". We get cards and look through them. Clicking "Hold" we keep only the needed cards as well as other ones can be replaced by clicking "Draw". This operation is allowed just once per game, so be attentive in your choice. The win can be taken by clicking "Collect". "Double" button will let you double your win if you want. In double game, you will be offered a choice of divining either card suit or card colour. Divined card colour will double your win twofold as well as divined card suit will increase your win in 4 times. Any mistake will cost completely your winning. The winning is taken by clicking "Cashout" button. For adventures, there is an opportunity to double it clicking "Gamble".

Double game known for many players. Good old 5 cards, among which only one is opened. If the first opened, one is Ace you will immediately fail.

For win, doubling you need choose among 4 closed cards the one which is higher than the opened card. If you choose a lower one, the risk-game is over and your winning is burned. However, you may divine a card of the same value. In this case you will be offered either playing once again or collecting your winning sum.

In double game, nobody limits you for shots, so you may double for a long time. You may train playing double game in demo mode absolutely for free and without registration.

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