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Sevens Wild

In "Sevens Wild" video poker, you need collect a winning card combination. Total amount of such combinations is ten and the more complex it is the more you winning is. 52 cards of a standard deck are your formula of success. The speciality of this slot is "Wild" cards availability by analogy with slot machines. The "Wild" cards are sevens in the amount of 4 pieces. In other words, they play the roles of Jokers. But take into account that royal flush six is calculated as "Wild" and the payout is at lower odds as well as one of the rarest poker combinations including four sevens is calculated at higher odds.

Now a couple of words about slot's interface. Pay table and winning combinations are located at the top to be seen well. In the centre, there is a section for player's cards. Betting and winning info is located at the bottom. There you can see current player's funds ("Credits"), winning sum for the last round ("Payout") and current bet value ("Coins").

In the game, there are 5, 10, 25 and 50-cent coins as well as 1, 2, 5, 10 and 15-dollar coins (dollars are not the default currency). The maximal amount of coins you may bet during one gaming round equals to 5. Don't forget to change coin value before starting the game. Clicking "-" and "+" buttons immediately change coin values as well as your current funds are automatically counted. "Bet One" can increase your bet for one coin. "Bet Max" immediately makes the highest bet equalling to 5 coins. Card dealing process is automatic and does not require clicking "Deal".

Having decided on the bet value, click "Deal'. The slot will deal cards. The slot offers by itself to keep certain cards and to replace others for you to collect higher and more profitable combination. If the cards you have form a winning combination, there's a reason for keeping them to get a stronger and more profitable combination. Keeping a card is quite easy. You just need clicking the card or "Hold" button. Having made a choice, click "Deal" again. All cards not marked with "Hold" are automatically replaced. If you catch a winning combination, your account will be immediately refilled for winning sum. The collected combination and your winning sum can be seen in the pay table because they are highlighted. Coin value and amount have a direct influence on your win.

Play and win!

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