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Fruit Cocktail slot machine

You like fruits but don't like to pay for them? Then make it give you profit! "Fruit cocktail" slot machine gives you this opportunity. Nothing warms heart as fruit icons appeared in a row when you balance is extremely being increased. The game has many analogues but none can be compared with the original where the rules are so easy and the winnings are so large and tasty.

The description of "Fruit cocktail" slot machine
Five reels spinning together make you forget all and expect when the rarest and most expensive fruits will appear in a line. Line with pears will increase your bet in 200 times, juicy and tasty watermelons – in 500 times, and sunny oranges will give you profit of 2000 starting bets. Don't think these are all large wins. There is a bonus game in this slot and a double game as well, relating with taking a risk to lose all your current win.

Three strawberries appeared. Welcome to bonus game. You can see three reels and fruit icons along the perimeter. Now watch. A light is moving along the perimeter that will stop on one of the icons after reels stopping. Is the picture on reel the same as the light has stopped on? If yes, you win. Are there 2 or 3 identical pictures? If yes, take our congratulations with doubling or tripling of your win! Actually, in this game, you just watch your profit rising, you'll not be able to change game process anyway.

However, there are some sweet things in addition. The opportunity of doubling your win is not yet cancel. Risk (you need click a button with this word to bet your win) is a fine gesture. Have you clicked it? Ok, now you can see 5 cards being placed in front of you, one of which is opened. Your aim is to divine a closed car that is higher that the opened one. If you did it, get doubled win. If not, try once again!

You may play "Fruit Cocktail" slot machine without registering free. After that, you can easily turn into playing for money, because the payout is 97%.

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