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Do The Safe

Have you always dreamt of cracking a bank safe, having millions dollars and not being caught? The "Do the Safe "slot machine is what you need. Stay at home and pick incredible lock combinations to the most mysterious and full of money safe. Almost any game for money will give profit and free playing without registering will become an excellent practice for fresh safecracker.

The description of "Do the Safe" slot-machine
Notice, that winning combinations are counted here not from left to right, but inversely. Why so? Because the safe is not quite usual and this is its first puzzle, the key for which has just give to you by us.

Totally, the slot has 9 paylines. This is its maximum. You may play on 1, 3 or 5 paylines if you want, each decides by himself. However, we recommend you to play to the maximum as the chance of winning rises in many times in this case. It is notable that bets on line can be different – from a couple of cents up to a few dollars. You are not limited in choosing the amount of coins per line, too. Freely choose from 1 to 5 coins. The maximal bet value equals to $225. Is it much? And what would you say about maximal payout 800: 1? Even not being good in mathematics, you can estimate your win, so bet bravely to the maximum and you will be rewarded. Don't forget about "Scatter" which can immediately enrich you, forming a winning combination from scratch.

To win jackpot you have to catch on one line the icon combination forming a word "C A $ S H". In this case $10 000 are yours, the safe is cracked. Take congratulations!

Having chosen automatic reel spinning mode, you will disburden yourself of frequently clicking the reel-spinning button. To switch it on, click "Auto" button.

The paytable will frankly tell about all winning combinations and possible bonuses.

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