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Secret, dangerous and interesting orders always fell to the lot of spies. Your sacramental mission is of top priority – you must save your messenger, pretty radio operator Kate who accidentally was taken captive. "Resident" slot machine helps you feeling yourself in the role of real spy, who is planning the salvation of hostage, stealing into casemates and has all he needs in his arsenal.

The description of "Resident" slot machine
There is no smoke without fire, so the "Wild" symbol in this slot is fire extinguisher. It can replace all symbols, except for "Bonus". Fire extinguishers are in plenty everywhere and the more you gather them the better it is for you. For five "Fire extinguishers», you'll get a big prize in the form of 2000 of starting bet value.

Inside of casemates enemy’s residents and a hide with golden coins wait you as well. Five golden coins in the hide will become for you the key to the treasure box that will enrich you because bonus equals to 5000 bet values.

Appeared pictures with safes for three mean the bonus game is starting. Its aim does not need comments and is to open the safes. The enemies have hidden gold in them in the amount proportional to your win multiplier. Some safes are, of course, mined and if you open one of them, the game is over. Having opened all safes without mistakes, you enter the super bonus game. There are two doors in front of you. Behind one of them Kate radio operator is. The choice is not difficult, just divine the true door. If you have luck, your win will rise in 500 times. Making a mistake is not fatal here, it will just despoil you the bonus funds.

Any resident cannot live without risk. For this reason, "Resident" slot machine has a double game. In this game, you will get along in battle against dealer, offering you to pull a card higher than he has. The opponent likes risk no less than you, so the amount of doublings is not limited.

You can feel yourself a spy without registering and free, playing our casino. However, tasting the game fully is possible only in playing for real money.

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