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Magic War

Fighting between light and darkness, evil and goods never stops for a second and has been on since the earliest times. The virtual world is not exception to the rule. "Magic War" slot machine will be to taste of all fantasy worlds lovers because each reel spinning makes the fighting between dark and light going on. Both powers look quite attractive but whatever one captures you large wins will be still given to you while playing for money. Free playing without registering is not deprives of its refinement but still passing to high payouts in real playing.

The description of "Magic War" slot machine
Any kind of magic requires thorough preparation. Therefore, you have to plan your strategy. True adepts play on 20 active paylines betting all their funds, increasing the starting bet value up to maximal limit. It will let hold a global, ambitious and profitable battle. Hitting the jackpot, you break the forces' balance. But what matter if you're the winner. Kind wizard who is always ready to help you plays the role of «Wild». With his magic, he can reduce any symbol with luckier one, helping you to scrape through of the most unpredictable situations. Having seen the wizard no less than 5 times on active payline, you open astral gate which will immediately bring you win and increase your starting bet value in 2500 times.

"Magic War" slot machine delights the eye with excellently painted icons and quality design in common. The icon of gryphon is not only one of the most colourful symbols, but also a symbol of great power and might. A triple of gryphons will make enemies thrilling with horror and the reels will be humbly spinning for you 15 times absolutely free. Like any lover of magic art, you will not resist against such unusual and profitable pleasure.

Angry wizards are useful, too. Having gathered from 2 to 5 icons with dark wizard on reels, you will multiply total bet on all active paylines by 5-20 times. A gift wizard is not to be looked in his spell book, so use bravely this chance to make money. "Magic War" offers not only usual battles, but bonus ones, too. You will be able to have such adventure with help of three military girl icons, but on active pay line only. The main advantage is that even having lost you save your starting win. Until you catch black spot, you may easily increase you bet values by odds.

To be a wizard is taking a risk, so that this slot machine just could not help having risk-game. The game is very easy: you just need get to wizard's castle, moving upon clouds and falling not once. On this way, you can increase your win up to 512 times and this chance is worth being used.

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