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Fruit Cocktail

Few men believe in possibility to attract Dame Luck's goodwill to them. People guess, that who born under a lucky star will be going along with happiness all his life. And if you're not a man of this kind, you'll never be lucky and successful whatever you do. "Lucky Star" slot machine will debunk this myth that cannot be argued once for all. While playing you may show to everyone, many times that Dame Fortune likes hard gamblers who don't give up after first fail and believe in luck's goodwill.

The description of "Lucky Star" slot machine.
"Lucky star" slot machine would remain without thousands gamblers' recognition if it did not have one special feature. It has three reels, but only one pay line is active. There is also "Hold" button, which stop one or two reels spinning if gambler clicks it.

The game starts with starting bet choosing. Its value depends on the amount of coins and coin value directly. You may use coins of following values: 5, 25, 50 cents and, of course, 1 and 5 dollars. The next step is choosing the amount of coins (from 1 to 3) which you are playing for. In each round, you can change their amount, just clicking "Bet One". However, large win can be get only with large bets, remember this playing on money! Having bet three coins, you play on the third payline, so the jackpot is almost in your wallet. You can never forget what line you play on, because they are always highlighted.

"Lucky star" slot machine is good for high bet players thanks to "Bet Max" button, letting make a maximal bet at once. Don't hurry to click the button, launching reel spinning, because there is "Hold" button. Playing other slots, you will not have such a good, so use it. Each reel has this useful button. When the reels stop spinning, you can immediately fix and block one or two reels in their current position. Click "Spin" and all blocked reels are at stop and unlocked ones start spinning.

If you didn't use to click the reel spinning button, there is "Auto" button specially for you. After clicking it, the reels will be spinning automatically.

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