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Reel Fruit

Fill your baskets with this video machine and win a lot of money quickly!
It is possible to play again at a slot machine as it used to look like. The fruit machines are also back on the internet. The Reel Fruit video machine is an old-fashioned video machine. It will not surprise you if there is only fruit in rolls. It is a well-arranged slot machine and it is very pleasant to play on. From one cent per spin you can already play on the Video Vending Machine Reel Fruit.

The maximum bet per spin per payline is ten cents. In total you can play on twenty different paylines at this slot machine and the bet per payline can also be determined on three different bets. If you have everything at maximum at Reel Fruit video machine, then you play for six dollars per spin. Due to the many paylines, the possibility of winning something is very large. Check the game's prize table to see what the possible winning combinations are. In addition to the many paylines, scatter symbols and wild symbols are also present. With this you can win extra large prizes, but you can also earn free spins.

By spinning the bonus symbols, a bonus game can be opened within the Reel Fruit game. Try the video machines for free a few times first. This is possible by pressing the menu. Here you will find an option to get fun dollars. This allows you to try out the Reel Fruit slot machine for free a few times and get to know everything about the game. The game is very popular with most players on the internet, because it is easy to play and there are nice prizes to be won.

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