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Golden Oldie

Let this classic slot machine bring you golden times!

The old well-known fruit machines are also becoming increasingly popular on the internet. In the past, there were only fruit vending machines in cafes and snack bars. Nowadays these slot machines have been replaced by the various Video Slot machines. For example, the Golden Oldie is available. Here you can play above and below depending on the bet. Under play on the four reels if you want to play with ten different paylines and if you also want to play upstairs at the Golden Oldie fruit machine, then you have to play with twenty different paylines. You can do this by pressing the start bet 20 button. The maximum bet on this game is also two dollars per spin.

Many different prizes can be won at the Golden Oldie slot machine. The slot machine even shows what the possible winning combinations are. You can win up to twenty dollars in no time. Playing this game is a lot of fun too and you won't get bored. Especially due to the possibility to play upstairs, this game is even more attractive. You can win prizes on two different screens at the Golden Oldie slot machine. The name of course already predicts what can be found on the reels of this game. There are of course many different types of fruit on display. Take a good look at the game to see how you want to play it. On the right-hand side of the fruit machine is a map with autoplay on it. If you click on this, the card between the start button will be stopped. Just like many gamblers do, the Golden Oldie slot machine will start automatically as a result.

Try out the game a few times for free by using the fun coins of this game. This way you get to know the game better and you can see if the Golden Oldie slot machine is for you. Note that you must be 18 years or older to play for real money, because the law only allows you to gamble from the age of 18.

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