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Turbo Reel

The fruit machine Turbo Reel is a very nice slot machine on which you can play different games. At the bottom of the slot machine, you can find the reels that spin as soon as you press the start button. This machine has four roles that all spin independently of each other. Ten cents is the minimum bet and if you want to play for a higher amount, you will have to adjust the game. Take a look at the slot machine to see exactly how this works. On the machine, you can see what the possible win combinations are and the corresponding prizes. Of course, the fruit machine Turbo Reel also has a kind of bonus promotion. With the joker, you have a chance to win high prizes, but also the Turbo counter ensures that you may win nice prizes.

You can set much at the Turbo Reel slot machine yourself. For example, it is possible to set a few roles to create an even better winning combination. If you want to double your winnings with this game, you can play the game head or coin. Press heading or coin to increase the price. Note that it is of course also possible that you lose the amount won at the Turbo Reel slot machine. If you are tired of pressing the start button, you can also choose to let the computer run the roles for you. Press the autoplay card and this card will be placed between the buttons. The computer will now automatically spin the roles for you. Now you don't have to do anything anymore at the Turbo Reel fruit machine. Watch the prize money come your way.

If you are not sure yet whether the Turbo Reel fruit machine is something for you, then there is the option to try it out a number of times for free. Open the menu and a button will be available to get fun euros from the game. Click on this and you will receive ten euros of practice money from the fruit machine Turbo Reel. If you think you are ready to gamble for real money, you can choose to transfer an amount. The only thing that matters now is that the money comes in. Note that you must be at least eighteen years of age or older to be allowed to gamble for real money.

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