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Red White | Blue slot review

Try the game to see what the different possibilities are within this game. Pull the lever and the three reels of this old-fashioned jackpot machine will spin. At the top of the slot machine you can see what the possible winning combinations are. With no fewer than five different paylines, there is always something to gain in this game. The minimum bet on this slot machine is ten cents per payline and the maximum bet is 50 cents. If you have everything on the maximum, you play for 2.50 dollars per spin.

With this game you can win many great prizes up to 12,000 credits. You win this by running three sevens. There are various options within the game. You can, of course, determine your bet yourself, but you also decide on how many paylines you want to play and how you play the game. For example, do you always want to pull the lever yourself or do you want to leave this to the computer. If you opt for the latter at Red White and Blue jackpot slot machines, then you need to press the autoplay button. You will find this above the button. The computer will now run the reels for you and this continues until you run out of money or until you have had enough of it.

It is of course also possible to switch the sound of this game on or off. If you are not sure yet if you want to play Red White and Blue on the jackpot slot, then it is possible to play with some free money. Under the button menu you will find a function where you can get free money. Play with the fun dollars to see if this game is for you. Once you are convinced you can always switch to real money. Now you are ready to drag in the big bucks at Red White and Blue jackpot machines.

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