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Raffles at Alcazar Casino

Alcazar is an online gambling platform, known for its wide game variety, convenient crypto payments, and appealing bonus offers. Playing casino games isn’t the only way for players to make money on the site. Alcazar runs regular raffles that some users aren’t even aware of. This unique feature makes the platform even more attractive for potential players. Visit the site and try it out yourself!

What are raffles at Alcazar?

Raffles are regular draws that Alcazar casino runs for its users with connected crypto wallets. Players can buy a ticket and get an opportunity to win a prize in crypto (BNB, USDT, QUACK, BTCB, LEO, etc). Some winners also get electronic devices as a reward. Playstation 5, iPhone 14 & Airpods, and Rolex GMT Master II are just a few of these prizes, so you definitely won’t be disappointed.

Raffles at Alcazar Casino

How to participate?

To take part in a draw, go to the Raffles page and click on the Active tab. You’ll see a list of raffles that are currently available. Connect your crypto wallet after that. MetaMask, CoinConnect, and Coinbase are available, just like in BC.Game. As soon as you do that, enter the amount of tickets you’d like to buy. Keep in mind that their number is limited for each draw, so that more players could participate in the draw. The price for each ticket is also different, and it’s usually in the range from $0.99 to $4.99.

After you bought a ticket, all you need to do is just wait. The time and the date for your draw is displayed in the Raffles section. If you win, the money will be automatically credited to you. There’s no need to do anything else. If you have any problem receiving the reward, contact the support team, although, according to player reviews, there haven’t been any troubles with that so far.


Keep in mind that all the Terms and Conditions of the platform apply to raffles, too. So, you must be at least 18 years old to participate, you can’t create more than one account, and it’s prohibited to use the casino account for anything rather than gambling. If you break the rules, your profile might be frozen or permanently banned depending on what you’ve done. Also, you need to provide only real information about yourself, as you might need to verify your account later on, like in Slotimo, for example.


After examining the Raffles section at Alcazar, our experts have come to the conclusion that the feature is great for players. Firstly, there are lots of regular draws, so users can decide where and when they want to participate. Secondly, it’s really easy to participate, as it takes only 1-2 minutes. Thirdly, the prizes are great. You can win crypto worth a few thousands of USD or a new expensive gadget. Fourthly, tickets are pretty cheap, and you have an opportunity to buy more than one of them. Finally, raffles allow users to win real money without having to learn rules of specific games, practice strategies, etc. According to pleater reviews, most casino clients are in love with the feature, so we recommend you to try it yourself and share your opinion with us.
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