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Is Online Casino Cheating Or Not?

Have you ever wondered if online casinos are cheating on you? There is no doubt that most players definitely think about this several times during a gaming session. Fortunately, gambling and crypto enthusiasts were able to resolve this issue. They invented and put into operation the Provably Fair algorithm, which allows verifying if the results of the game round were fair.

What is Provably Fair?

Provably Fair is a special algorithm that allows players, by themselves or with the help of third-party programs, to verify the result of a game round. In games that support this system, the outcome of the round is already determined before the player presses the play button. The result of this round is provided to the player in encrypted form. After the player has finished the game round and saw the result, he/she receives the keys to decrypt the previously obtained result. Thus, the player can compare the result obtained before the start of the game with the result obtained after. If the values match, then the game was fair and the result completely depended on the player's choice. If the values turn out to be different, then the casino is deceiving you and it is better to refuse its services.

Advantages of Provably Fair Gaming

By choosing games that support the Provably Fair algorithm, you get a number of advantages that are not available in regular casino games.

Check if the result of the game round was really random. This is the main advantage of Provably Fair games. When playing regular casino games, you cannot be 100% sure that the random number generator works as it is supposed to. But in the PF games, you can check by yourself if the game was fair.

Help develop the gambling industry. By simply playing games that support the Provably Fair system, you are helping to develop the gambling industry. The fact is that so far this algorithm has not become widespread in online casinos. Mostly it is loved by crypto casino players, but gradually it comes to fiat brands. If big game developers notice the growing popularity of the Provably Fair direction, they will rush to implement it in their games. And greater confidence in fairness will definitely play into the hands of the entire industry.

Get a fast and simple gaming experience. Perhaps this item will not seem to everyone an advantage. But most players love fast rounds and instant feedback. This is exactly what PF games can give you. Often, these are simple games such as Dice, Hi-Lo, Aviator. In these games, the rounds are instant and you see the result immediately.

Best Provably Fair Casinos
Here is a list of several online casinos where you can find PF games.


Bitstarz is one of the biggest and most popular crypto online casinos that also supports fiat currencies. There are thousands of different games in the Bitsraz library. Among them, there was a place for games that support the PF algorithm. There are quite a few of them in the casino and they are represented by only one provider BGaming. But these games are quite diverse: slots, roulette, and different card games.


Fairspin is a unique blockchain casino, it is not surprising that in its library were games with Provably Fair algorithm. But, there could be more of them, and they are not included in a separate category. At the moment there are games from Spribe and the Cosmo Trip, the brand's in-house game.


Betflip casino also has PF games. Games from the developers BGaming and Turbo Games give users access to this unique gaming experience.

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