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How to beat the casino?

How to beat the casino?

Many players ask themselves the question "How to beat an online casino?" There are many articles on this topic on the Internet.
Today I will tell you about several methods that work and that do not work.

Black, red.

How to beat the casino?

Black red is the most common way, "how to beat the casino at roulette?" this method is very simple and can be mastered in a few minutes.
For example, you bet $ 10 on red, and you lose, then you need to put a double amount on red, that is, $ 20, and if you win, you remain in the black. If you lose, you need to double the bet amount and bet on the same color. For example, you bet $ 10 on black and won, now you need to bet on red.

But it is not always possible to beat an online casino at roulette in this way. For example, red can fall 10 or more times in a row. Everything is simple here, either you don't have enough money to double your bets, or the maximum bet in the casino will be limited to, for example, $ 100.

Beat the casino at roulette with a coin.

It's almost the same as black red, but here you just rely on your luck with a coin. For example Eagle is red and Tails is black. You toss a coin and if it comes up heads then bet $ 10 on red, respectively, if tails then bet on black.
If you win, flip a coin again and bet $ 10 again. If you lose, you double your bet. Etc.
With this method, there is more chance of winning at roulette than just playing black red.

But all the same, these two methods do not guarantee 100% result. I would not advise you to use the first method, but you can already play with a coin, because more than one computer will not be able to calculate which side the coin will fall on.

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Third way.

You place your bets in the same way as in the screenshot, and you get only 3 blank numbers, the probability that a blank number will appear is very small. If the numbers are from 13 to 24, then you win $ 30 and you have not lost anything. If you roll from 25 to 36, you also do not lose your money, the bet is fully refunded. And if it falls from 1 to 10, then you win $ 36, since your bet was $ 30, then you are $ 6 in the black.
But it cannot be ruled out that 0, 11, or 12. Then you will lose your entire bet.

There are more ways I will tell you in the article on how to beat a slot machine.

In general, these are not all the ways to beat the casino, there are a lot of them, but these are the most popular. Yes, they will help someone, someone not, Remember the casino is never a loser, if these methods worked 100%, then all online casinos would have gone bankrupt long ago. I would advise you not to use these methods to play roulette, but I would advise you to just play and then luck will surely come to you! If you have questions about this article, you can write comments below, and I will definitely answer you!

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