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Is It Possible to Always Be a Winner at an Online Casino?

Our Answer Is YES!

When it comes to money and winnings, many gamblers have a lot of concerns, and it is entirely justified. Only 1% of players have made real big money in casinos at least once or twice in their lifetime, while the others have settled for less. This stems from the fact that the odds of winning depend on your luck, skills and using some tricks. You can find a thousand and one game strategies, but are you sure they will help you to win and are you sure they are what you need?

Don’t shy away from these questions, if you would like not only to have a good time playing casino games, but also to earn money at the casino. We have reviewed a dozen casinos and no one can guarantee that victory will be on your side, except 888STARZ. This gambling platform positions itself as a place where everyone does earn. So in the article, we are going to check this ambiguous statement and understand the profit-sharing economy system proposed by 888STARZ.

Changing the Rules of the Game

888STARZ pays special attention to its frequent guests and rewards them generously, because its customers are always in the first place. If in other casinos, a punter receives a cash prize for winning, then in the 888STARZ casino he gets it just for playing games. Therefore, it makes no difference in case of losing – the casino gives a reward anyway. The main thing is how much time the user spends at the casino and how many bets he places.
In general, the reward size depends on the bet size: the more bets you make, the more money you get. So this reward system can be also considered as an unlimited cashback, but it is not as easy as it seems.

What the Casino Offers as a Reward

The basis of the 888STARZ reward system lies in using crypto tokens as rewards. The platform has its own Tron-based token under the name “888 token” or “888”, which is used to encourage players.

One 888 token is received by a player after reaching a certain number of bets made. At the present time, to get one token, you should spend at the casino more than 84 USD. But being realistic, spending this amount of money in other casinos is not really a good idea: if you lose, you lose everything, while 888STARZ offers you a win-win proposition.

Benefits of Acquiring 888 Tokens

To begin with, it should be mentioned that the process of acquiring tokens by playing games is called mining and all users, who take part in the 888 token mining, are called miners. The main miner’s goal is to get 888 tokens as much as possible to make more profit.

888 token’s mining difficulty increases all the time. It gets harder and harder to mine tokens by playing. The level of mining difficulty depends on the amount of tokens mined. At the present time, it is low, because there are only 26 million tokens mined by players. The total amount of 888 tokens is 100 million. So the best time to start earning 888 tokens is now!

Also, if one user receives one token, 0,35 token goes to the 888STARZ team. The 888 tokens received by the team are locked on the platform to avoid price manipulation as well as to provide sustainability of the project.

When you start mining 888, all your tokens are added into a special account on the platform and you have two choices of what to do with them: you are able to hold your 888 tokens on the platform or sell them on crypto exchanges (Coinsbit, Trontrade) at their current market price.

Staking 888 tokens on the 888STARZ platform

Staking is the process of locking tokens to receive daily rewards from the Prize Pool. This fund is formed with all the bets lost by the players and it keeps getting bigger each day due to the casino house edge. Staking rewards are paid out daily. Every 24 hours the pool is shared among all token holders according to the amount of tokens received by them. A player who keeps more tokens is paid more money. All the rewards are paid in USDT currency, which has a ratio 1:1 with the United States dollar (USD). You can cash out your USDT to a credit card or transfer to an e-wallet by using crypto exchanges (the full list of exchanges can be found on the official website in the Payment section).

This choice is a key to profit and long-term success. You could even say it is a life-time opportunity to become co-owner of the fast-growing gambling company, because all money kept in the Reward Pool is the platform's net revenue. So take into account when you receive a sum of money for staking tokens from the pool, you literally are given a part of the casino’s profit.

Selling 888 tokens on crypto exchanges (Coinsbit, Trontrade)

As a tradable digital asset, 888 tokens can be sold or bought on exchange platforms. It is hard to say the current value of 888, because it is constantly changing, so before you open a trading account on a certain exchange, check the information about trade conditions, price, etc. If you would like to make a quick buck, you can reap the benefits of 888 tokens using this method.

You can also buy 888 tokens on these exchanges, if you would like to increase the amount of tokens for staking.

Is the 888Tron Token a Good Investment?

Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular nowadays as investment despite the fact that most investors are aware of all crypto investment risks. But they know storing crypto assets can be also lucrative due to their future potential.

888 token is, first of all, a utility token – a digital asset issued by a certain company. At 888STARZ it can be deemed as a stock of the platform, because it allows players to get a part of the casino’s profit.

Also, note that according to the researchers, the world’s gambling and betting market size surpasses 55 billion USD! And it can easily double in a few years, the pace of its development is increasing every day. Given this fact, 888 tokens cannot be considered as a poor investment in the market. They will be profitable for you anyway until the platform works.

You will be surprised by the fact that the return on investment (ROI) to 888 token holders was 60%! In comparison, an average annual rate of return varies between 10% and 30% in the stock market.

How Much Money Can I Make?

It depends on many factors including the Reward Pool size, the amount of players and, of course, the amount of tokens in your account, because more tokens bring more rewards daily. In fact, the main factor that affects how much money is in your pocket is how many tokens earned by you.

You shouldn’t worry about other factors, because more and more players are joining the project thanks to the 888STARZ promo & marketing team, and the pool size is getting bigger every day. In the last 2 years (2019 and 2020) 888 token holders received 14 million USD as rewards!

Be Sure You Cannot Be Cheated by 888STARZ

888STARZ is a blockchain-based online gambling & betting platform. The blockchain technology has its own benefits, such as:
100% transparency of all financial operations;
fully privacy and anonymity;
a decentralized data storage system.

A smart contract is a protocol, which allows to make transactions without third-party intervention. 888STARZ uses smart contracts running on the TRON blockchain to guarantee a fair and transparent pay process. All data about your wins, losses, transactions are stored in these contracts and cannot be changed. Smart contracts make it impossible to fake the outcomes of casino games, so you can be confident in fair play.

The 888STARZ Reward System based on the same principle: each user can find all information about the platform’s revenue on the official website. Recently, developers also added a new bet history module to provide more transparency into the gambling process. And now players can track the platforms revenue and expenditure in real time.

Transparency and honesty towards players are the main goals of the platform and they are being successfully realized thanks to the blockchain technology.

About the Platform’s Revenue

If you are wondering how 888STARZ makes money or what its profit consists of, you will find all the answers in this section.
Gross Gaming Revenue is a measure, which shows how much a casino earns. It is calculated at the difference between the total amount of bets and the total amount of winnings made by players. And there is another important measure – Net Gaming Revenue, which is calculated as GGR minus regulated market taxes, marketing payments and software payments. And only after all the payments have been deducted, the net revenue goes to the Reward Pool.

Steps to Become a Participant of the Reward Program

If you would like to start your exciting journey in the world of unlimited earnings, find out in more detail about the unique reward model on the website and follow these simple steps:
Go to the official 888STARZ website and create a new profile using your telephone number or email. Fill in all necessary fields.
Top up your balance, and don’t forget about a welcome bonus. If you would like to use it, your first deposit should be more than 10 EUR.
Play games and enjoy. Play as much as you want. Don’t care about money, because 888 tokens are already in your account.

Our Verdict

This unique dividend model deserves your special attention, 888STARZ offers a new gambling solution for those who would like to earn more and always win at a casino! It is an absolutely new concept of generating profit by ordinary players. Everyone can take part in the Reward Program and get a part of the pool. Such an exclusive offer would be really hard to find in any other casino, so you get a chance to become one of the lucky guys and start receiving passive income for the rest of your life with 888STARZ!

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