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The Most Famous Gamblers in 2020

With the massive explosion of online gambling globally over the last decade, one can only expect the biggest and most famous gamblers to be those playing the tech-advanced versions of the game.  But this is, in fact, not the case.  With a bit of research, we have discovered a variety of gamblers from all sectors of the betting community that are the most famous for their massive bankrolls and winning ways.

Thought to be the wealthiest gambler in the world to date is Bill Benter. He used his mathematical brain to quickly become one of the most successful card counters ever known.  He took to Las Vegas like a duck to water and pretty soon was bringing down the house regularly. He was later banned for the strip due to his unbeaten record. He moved to Hong Kong and, along with another famous gambler, Alan Woods, and together they came up with the world’s first software that assists with online gambling. It is believed that Benter brings in $100 million annually. Moreover, here you can know read about gambling and Best Casinos by Casinofy.

Edward Thorp gets a mention because he is undoubtedly the father of card counting. He put together card counting schemes so other players could benefit from games like blackjack and also went on to use computer-based blackjack strategies. In fact, Thorp is in the Blackjack hall of fame and is also famous for coming up with the “Thorp Count” method for backgammon. Thorp didn’t leave it all at the gambling tables.  He went on to invest in stock markets and applied similar techniques to build his portfolio. His fortune was believed to be around $800 million.

 Zeljko Ranogajec is an Australian businessman who has captured the imagination of the greater gambling community.  Possibly the man, known as “The Joker,” who has the most giant bankroll ever.  He is believed to spend approximately $3 billion on gambling, with $800 million of that a year going on horse racing. As one can imagine, this type of capital allows him and his family to live amongst the rich and famous with first row seats to all the world’s most significant events. 

The Joker prides himself on his stealth mode-like lifestyle and is rarely seen other than occasional family photos and other social media. The multi-billionaire is an accomplished mathematician, and together with his good friend, fellow mathematician, David Walsh, they started in casino in their youth. The two were so successful at the tables of Blackjack and Poker that they were banned, and hence the love affair with horse racing began.

Ranogajek has now built up a team known as “The Bankroll,” comprised of other mathematicians, gambling veterans, data analysts, and trackside observers. He is currently in a lawsuit with the Australian tax authorities, who claim he owes $900 million, which speaks volumes for his worth.
On the sports front, Billy Walters takes the cake.  Kentucky born and bred, he comes from a line of gamblers. He started his gambling career at the early age of 9 and went on to open an illegal book in Kentucky in his thirties. His net worth is believed to be about $200 million, and it’s thought that he has made as much as $2 million in a day. His team comprises of professional analysts and other sporting geniuses. Sadly for him, he was found guilty of $40 million inside bet trading, which could see him behind bars!

Last up in this article is the biggest online game-winner ever, Phil Ivey.  This is a feel-good story to end with. Phil is a well-known gambler and the youngest ever to win ten World Series of Poker bracelets. As the fifth-highest winning Poker player, his net worth stands at $23 100 000. In 2011 Phil earned the title of the biggest online game-winner when he won $19 242 743 on online Poker!

It is every gambler’s dream to win big and become a part of the high roller club where winning is an everyday occurrence.  These stories inspire many to try their hand at gambling.  Who knows who will be the next big thing and how big will their bankroll be!  The mind boggles to think!

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