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Different types of sportsbook bonuses explained

Sports betting is terrific fun and it gets even better when you receive a great sportsbook bonus. With hundreds of different online sportsbooks all competing for new players constantly, working out which ones you should be prioritising can seem overwhelming. Things are made even more challenging by the fact that the bonuses come in all different shapes and sizes - often with complicated terminology attached. If you feel this way, check out our demystifying guide to the four main types below, so you won't miss any of the availables opportunities out there, including what sportsbooks bonuses are available, the same bonuses are usually are underlooked by the wager community due to the complexity some of them have, lest move on with the our four points now, so by the end you will have a better understanding about how the bonuses works actually works.

Different types of sportsbook bonuses explained

Sign Up Bonuses

By far the most prevalent bonus offered in the sports betting industry, sign up bonuses are offered to new players making their first deposit with an operator. The vast majority of the time, players will be offered a % bonus on their inaugural deposit. For example, if a sportsbook is offering a 100% welcome bonus and a player makes a deposit of $100, then a total of $200 will be available for the player to use. However, this particular bonus often comes with strict wagering requirements. In the case of a 30 times wagering requirement, a customer would need to make $3,000 worth of bets - based on a $100 deposit with a 100% bonus.

Most new sports betting sites offer bonuses and they can be used to be on nearly all sports, as well as more peculiar bets like sports personality of the year, politics and entertainment.

Reload Bonus

After an operator has tempted new players in with a sign up bonus, they may try and sweeten the pot with a reload bonus. This is essentially a secondary boost that is offered on a user’s second, third or even fourth deposits at an online sportsbook.

The percentage bonus is likely to be slightly lower than the initial sign up offer but can still sometimes be as high as 50%. This means that your secondary deposit of around $100, could be boosted by $50 for a total of $150 worth of bets.

No Deposit Bonus

If you ever find an online offering a no deposit bonus, we strongly advise that you take them up on their offer. This is because they are very rarely offered by operators due to how generous they are. A no deposit bonus - as the name suggests - does not require the player to make a payment in order to get rewarded.

The reward is normally a small amount of free bets, usually valuing around $10 or $20. No deposit bonuses are usually offered around the time of a particularly big sporting event and are offered in order to convince players to stay with an operator after said event has finished.

Accumulator Bonus

Accumulator betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling available on an online sportsbook. It is essentially combining the odds of a load of small bets onto one combined betting slip. Because they are such a popular option with players, it is no surprise that operators have targeted them with a specific bonus. Many sportsbooks offer what is known as an accumulator boost. This increases the odds of a player’s accumulator bets on a specific day of the week. This can be a great bonus to receive, particularly during a busy day of soccer or tennis.

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