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Online Gambling in Canada

According to Canadian laws, operating a web-based casino within the territory of the country is illegal. Fortunately, there are still many gambling companies that are located overseas. Most of them accept Canadian players. So, offshore gambling is the only option for the country citizens.

Despite online casinos being illegal, this type of gambling is really popular in Canada. It’s on the top 10 countries with most players. The industry earns about $31 billion. Surely, land-based casinos and lotteries are also included, but they are becoming less important nowadays.

It can be hard to find a reliable website where players could gamble safely. We have decided to help you with that. Here is the list of the best online casinos in the country. This article is guide about what to pay attention to while making a choice.

Online Gambling in Canada

How the Rating was Created

Our review team has been working day and night to present the list of top casinos as soon as possible. All the websites have got the following qualities:

⦁ Pleasant bonuses. Casinos on the list provide their players with great promotions. You will enjoy your free spins and sign up bonuses. Some of them require a deposit, whereas others don’t. Always read the terms of promotions carefully to find out more about wagering.

⦁ Wide game variety. Surely, everyone wants to have a lot of games to choose from. You want be disappointed with what you will be suggested. It doesn’t matter whether you like slots, roulette, video poker or anything else. Every game will be found.

⦁ Customer support. If a gambler has some troubles with the website, there should be someone to help him. No one wants to delay having fun at a casino for too long. Customer support is going to answer all of your question. All the websites we recommended have a support team that works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Problems will be solved at no time.

⦁ Regular promotions. Sign up bonuses is not the only thing casinos from the list are famous for. They are eager to encourage players’ loyalty, so there are promotions for old players, too. Take part in VIP programs, play in regular tournaments and enjoy your frequent no-deposit bonuses.

⦁ Huge jackpots. Every gambler dreams about getting a one-in-a-million combo in some slots. However, in some casinos jackpots are too small, so disappointment is the only thing that winners get. It’s not the case in the websites presented on the rating. Winning an amount of money that can change your life is real. It’s time to check it out!

⦁ Safety. Gambling often requires operating with huge amounts of money. All fund transfers must be completely secure. Nobody wants his money to be stolen, right? The same goes with personal information. We ensure that all recommended casinos meet this requirement.

⦁ Deposit methods. All the money operations should be fast, as well, in order not to wait funds for ages. Just choose whatever deposit methods you want. There are both popular methods and unusual ones. Wide choice of currencies is also important. Whether you want to withdraw Canadian dollars, United States dollars, euros or any other currency, you will be able to do that.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is online gambling popular in Canada?

⦁ The market of online gambling is Canada has grown a lot for the last few years and is continuing to do so. People tend to play on the Internet, as it’s much more convenient. Now you don’t have to go anywhere to start earning money. All you need to have is a stable Internet connection, smartphone, personal computer or a tablet. Nowadays gamblers have become confident that if a casino operates online, it is not a fraud. The rise in the number of Canadian citizens who gamble on the Internet is a great evidence of that.

Are Canadian Dollars Accepted in Online Casinos?

⦁ Surely, they are! As we have mentioned before, online gambling market of Canada is among the most promising. It would be a huge mistake for casinos not to accept CDN. There are a lot more of the supported currencies than you could even imagine. You can even make transfers via Bitcoin, Ethereum and other crypto coins.

⦁ As we have mentioned before, the online gambling market in Canada is among the most promising. However, not all casinos operate in this country yet. Only those that do offer CDN deposits and withdrawals. Luckily, sites like focus purely on reviewing casinos that are available in Canada - so it's pretty easy to find online casinos that accept Canadian dollars.

What Is a Expected Rate of Return?

⦁ Expected rate of return also known as a payout percentage is a measure used to describe what share of money spent is returned to players. For example, if the rate is 95%, the website gives back 95 cents for every dollar. Of course, the measure is calculated from millions of money transfers, so a gambler can be lucky enough to earn more. On the list, we collected only those casinos which have the best rates on the industry.

How Do I Make Deposits and Withdrawals on a Website?

⦁ Each casino on the list has a great variety of accepted payment methods, including both deposits and withdrawals. The most popular ones are PayPal, Skrill, bank cards and cryptocurrencies. They differ from each other in duration of transactions and limits. You can choose whatever method is more suitable for you.

Does the Software contain viruses?

⦁ Casinos pay much attention to their reputation, so putting viruses on purpose is not possible. Neither is hacking the software. Every application is regularly checked and updated. New encryption technologies are created. The recommended casinos use the software made by the most reputable companies in online gambling industry, so don’t worry, you are completely safe.

Is There an Option to Play without Paying?

⦁ Yes! Many websites have made it possible for gamblers to create demo accounts. That is how players can find out if a casino fits their requirements. However, you will not be able to withdraw your winnings. On the other hand, we have mentioned sign-up bonuses. Some of them don’t even require a deposit. When a players finishes wagering, he will be able to do whatever he wants with the given money, as they have become real. It’s a great opportunity for those who are eager to earn some money without having to pay for it.

We hope that you find the article useful. Check out the list of the best Canadian casinos and start playing! Huge winnings have already been waiting you for too long!

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Very informative article. Everything is very easily explained in it. They helped me a lot.

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