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Trusted Online Casinos in Malaysia

Malaysia is a great country to go on vacation, but it’s quite hard to gamble in it. The only legal gambling venue in the country is the Genting Highlands Resort. Surely, if you have enough money and free time, then you can go there, however, the majority of people will find it inconvenient. So, playing online is the only suitable option.

Check the list of trusted online casinos in Malaysia in order to make the right choice. There is a lot of information on the most popular gambling activities, including casinos, sports books and poker rooms.

Trusted Online Casinos in Malaysia

Is Playing Casinos Online legal in Malaysia?

It’s quite a hard question to discuss. All forms of gambling are outlawed in the Betting Act of 1953. It says that placing bets by telegram, phone, post or by other tools are forbidden. Of course, the act doesn’t refer to online gambling directly. Moreover, it isn’t even mentioned, as the Internet wasn’t even invented back in the days.

A penalty of up to 200,000 ringgits will be applied to a betting house or patronizing one due to the act. It is uncertain if online gambling websites fall under this definition, so people can interpret it either way.

The Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 encompasses all other forms of playing casinos. It’s said in the act that all people caught inside a gaming house will be fined a penalty of up to 5,000 ringgits. A “gaming house” is a term used to describe pretty much all the locations where people can gather and gamble. Online gambling is not mentioned.

Islam is the mandatory religion for Malays, and they are bound by Sharia law. This is a pretty significant point as the government recognizes Sharia courts. Gambling is clearly forbidden in Islam. The justice system of the country is quite difficult to understand, so let’s not dwell on it.

To sum up, having a gambling site in Malaysia is illegal, so it’s pretty hard to run one in the country. If you see a website, then it’s almost certainly a fraud. However, there is a way for Malaysians to gamble. Just go to any offshore online casino and difficulties with legislation will not worry you. Now we are going to explain which sites you can rely on.

How to choose an online casino in Malaysia

Here are some pieces of advice on how to make choice.

Check Casino’s History

Take a brief look at how the casino operated in the past. Find out when it was established. The newer it is, the harder it will be for you to research information. Surely, there can be some reliable casinos among fresh ones, but it’s more like an exception and not a rule.

Look at reviews of the casino. There isn’t any company with perfect reputation, however, websites with minimal complaints do exist. They should become your goal. Don’t pay attention to reviews displayed on the website of the casino. They are probably written by the company itself. Surf various forums in order to find reviews that will be useful for you.

Check Payment Options

However good the casino is, there’s no point in becoming its clients if you cannot make a deposit or withdraw your money. All the most popular payment methods must be included, for example, credit and debit cards, Paypal, Skrill and Bitcoin. Deposits and withdrawals via each options may take different amounts of time. Make sure you will not have to wait for too long.

Another thing to pay attention to is limits. It’s pretty common for casinos not to allow withdrawing too much money. However, this doesn’t mean that limits must be too low. Calculate how much funds you are going to use while playing on the website and check if the proposed option is suitable for you.
Currencies are also of great importance. Do you use euros and dollars most of the time? Then it’s great, because most websites accept them. If ringgit is the only currency that you have, choose the casino supporting it.

Check Games Available

The most significant reason to become a client of a casino is to play. So, all of your favorite games must be available. Do you like to play poker? It’s time to make sure whether the casino has such an option. If it does, check how good it is. Many casinos have an opportunity to try out all the features without making a deposit.

Even if the game is classic, you should be satisfied with how it operates. The app has to run smoothly, it mustn’t have any lags or bugs. Contemporary graphic is also important for some people. If you are among them, then check it on forums or Youtube, as there are many videos with the gameplay.

Check Safety of the Casino

Nobody wants his or her personal data to be stolen. In order not to be deceived, you should choose only those casinos that are well protected. The website must use the latest encryption keys. Reviews will be useful, too, as there are many complaints about how gamblers have lost access to their accounts. Check if these reviews are fair. Some of them can be written by other casinos.

Surely, your safety is something that you have to take care of. Don’t shift the blame on a casino, if you gave personal information to someone by yourself, and there will be far fewer problems with your account.

Check Promotions

Almost all gambling websites have promotions for new clients. Some of them require a deposit, whereas some of them don’t. Bonuses in well-known casinos may seem not so profitable, however, there is a much bigger opportunity to actually receive this money.

In most cases, bonuses require wagering. Frequently it takes too much time to succeed in it. This is the way casinos fight bonus-hunters. These are people who play casinos just to get promotions. They usually go to the next website on their list when the money is received.

Check Mobile version

Gambling on a smartphone has become really popular as it’s a lot more convenient. You can play your favorite games wherever and whenever you want. Some casinos have mobile apps, and this is the best options as all the features are included in them. Check if your device supports the application if it’s important for you. Other casinos have just a mobile version of the website. It’s far less comfortable to use, but it’s better than nothing.

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