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Online Gambling in the USA

Gambling industry makes a total contribution of around $137.5 billion to the economy of the United States and directly employs over 730 thousand people. It’s constantly growing, as more and more websites appear. They compete with each other in order to gain new clients, developing quality of services.

The question if online gambling is legal in the USA is pretty hard to answer. It is legal in one form or another, but there are a few nuances. Some states don’t even mention this topic in their laws. However, that doesn’t make gamblers stop playing poker, placing bets or playing slots. If any activity is illegal in your state, then you can become a client of offshore casinos.
We’ll discuss what to pay attention to while choosing an online casino.

Safety and security

The website should use the latest encryption technologies, as it’s the only way to protect clients’ personal data. Nobody wants his or her bank card information to be stolen. Do not rely on the casino if it seems suspicious to you. Read the reviews in order not to be deceived. Reviews placed on the website of the casino are not useful at all, as they are almost always written by its staff.


What’s the point in gambling on the website if the software is outdated in it? Even classic slots will be more enjoyable to play. It’s not only about the design. Applications have to run smoothly, there shouldn’t be any lags. Modern software is better protected, so you won’t be hacked.

Game Variety

Thousands of games are made every day, so it’s not OK for the casino to have just few applications on the website. Clients are ought to be given a wide choice. Always check if your favorite games are available on the website or you are going to wait for it for too long.


Almost all online casinos have promotions for new clients. Some of them require a deposit, whereas others don’t. Most of the time, bonuses have to be wagered before you can withdraw them. Wagering requirements on some websites can be almost impossible to be met, so read the rules at first place. Many casinos also have bonuses for loyalty, and this is something you should keep in mind, too.

Payment Methods

There’s no point in playing online casinos if you don’t have an opportunity to withdraw your winnings. Are payments to PayPal the only option for you? Then you should check if it’s available on the website. The same goes with other payment methods.

Online Gambling in the USA

FAQ From the US Players

We are going to answer most common questions from gamblers living in the United States.

Is my money safe in offshore gambling sites?

Nowadays, all information about unreliable casinos can easily be found on the Internet, so websites have to care about their reputation. Your money is completely safe, don’t even worry about it. Surely, there are some cases when gamblers lost money being deceived, but such situation are an exception. The probability of losing money is the same as in legal casinos, so a casino being offshore is not something to be afraid of.

Can I get a virus from poker websites?

Cybercriminals are constantly making their methods of fraud more sophisticated, but software developers don’t sit back, as well. Situations when someone gets viruses from gambling websites are very unlikely. In order to minimize the probability of being hacked, keep antivirus software on your computer up-to-date. Download and install updates as it’s possible.

Where to find a reliable poker website?

There are a lot of resources that make sites ratings. One of the best is There are many guides, strategies and reviews on it. People from the USA will find it useful, as only solid information on casinos is given.

Why do many websites use Bitcoin?

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) was adopted in 2006, and since that time some banks have become too apprehensive about financial operations in online casinos. This has resulted in delays with deposits and withdrawals. The websites have tried to use Bitcoin as the solution and have succeeded. Cryptocurrency transactions aren’t charged any fees. They are fast and completely safe.

Are there any taxes on money received from gambling sites?

Players from the US are made to declare all the profits from gambling on the Internet. The procedure can be different depending on a purpose of gambling. For example, if you play poker professionally, you will have to pay more than those who do it just to have some fun. So, it’s in the interest of each online gambler to keep the log of all financial operations.

What types of bonuses are available in online casinos?

Casino bonuses can be divided into 4 groups:

⦁ Deposit Bonus. A player gets it when he replenishes his account. Bonuses generally range from $10 to $10,000 and they can be even larger. Some promotions are applied only on the first deposits, whereas others can be used several times.

⦁ No Deposit Bonus. No-deposit bonuses are usually in range of $5 to $50. This is a great option for new players to find out if the casino is good or not without an opportunity to lose money. Surely, newcomers have fewer chances to meet wagering requirements than experienced players, but it’s not so important.

⦁ Reload Bonus. Reload bonuses are given to loyal and active players. This is how an online casino support their desire to play on its site. Of course, such promotions are not very big, but it’s more like a proof of the fact that the company cares about you.

⦁ Game-Specific Bonus. This kind of bonus is applied to a specific game or a specific game type. If a casino wants more gamblers to play table games, it will encourage them to do so. Wagering requirements are generally easier to be met in the game promoted, although you can earn this money anywhere else.

Gambling industry in the United States is getting bigger and more sophisticated every day. It can be hard to keep in touch with all the updates. We’re here to help you with that! Just follow the News section on the website to be aware of everything going on in the industry.

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