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  • Bonus up to 30%
  • Trading with a return up to 92% per trade
  • Trade cancellation function. Up to 120% refund
  • 1-day funds withdrawal
  • Built-in forecasting indicators
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Olymp Trade: Best Conditions for Trading Forex

Trading Forex is one of the most interesting ways of making money. In this business, there is no schedule, clients or contractors. Everything depends solely on you.

It is all about one’s ability to predict the future value of the asset. In this case, a trader can profit from the difference between the opening and closing prices of a trade.

To get profit from the investments more often, traders use a wide variety of methods: technical and fundamental analysis, news trading, experts’ advice and even lunar cycles. The lists of the assets they trade include currencies (currency pairs), metals, cryptocurrencies, ETFs and others.

To trade Forex, you need both an effective strategy and a convenient platform, which you can’t work without in this market. Because of the attractive trading conditions and unique services, Olymp Trade has become the most popular platform with beginners.

In this article, we will tell you in detail why the Olymp Trade platform is a perfect place for trading in financial markets.

A multiplier

Let’s not start with the description of the platform interface. There is one reason why everyone should try out for trading: a multiplier.

A multiplier is a financial service that multiplies one’s investment amount by several times.

On Olymp Trade, you can turn your investment of $10 into a $5,000 trade if you use the maximum multiplier of x500. The return on a successful investment also increases 500 times.

In the screenshot below, you can see that a trader wanted to sell the NZD/JPY currency pair worth $960 using a multiplier of x500. The total trade amount was $480,000 (960 * 500). For this reason, the profit amounted to $1507.04, which is more than 150% of the initial investment.

Olymp Trade

It's easy to guess that a well-proven strategy combined with a multiplier can help one make hundreds of percent return. The main thing before you start working with real money is to learn, and train on a demo account.

Forex market offers you unlimited opportunities. It is important that you don’t miss your chance to get your winning ticket.

Now we are going to elaborate on the visual component of the trading platform.

A really friendly user interface

Despite the fact that financial markets are no child’s play, the interface of the Olymp Trade website is clear to everyone.

On the right, there is a block of conditions for opening a trade, as well as a panel with the trades you have already opened. The "Orders" tab contains all orders you have previously created (an analogue of a pending order).

On the left, there is a "Help" menu—a panel with extra services. Here you can quickly contact the support team, watch video prompts, take a training course or contact your personal manager if you have a VIP status.

The asset price chart corresponds to the industry standards, as it reflects the real dynamics of trades without a delay. You can change the asset, add an indicator (or any other analysis tool) or change the type of the chart using the menu in the upper left corner of the window.

By clicking the account balance, you can switch between live and demo modes. Forms for a quick funds deposit or withdrawal are available to the right of the balance.

A very low entry level

To open the first trade on a live account, a trader needs to make a deposit of $10/€10. There are many means of payment, from e-wallets to local banks. Funds are credited to the account almost immediately.

The minimum investment amount is just $1. A low entry threshold means that you have a level playing field, no matter how wealthy you are. Practice shows that many traders start with small deposits, but increase their working capital tenfold or hundredfold over time.

The withdrawal amount is not limited. As a rule, traders receive their money within 24 hours. Olymp Trade has been operating for more than 4 years, so the credibility of the company is really high.

A step-by-step plan of succeeding on Olymp Trade

Step 0: Demo account.

Only professionals can skip trading on demo account. Everyone should begin with demo mode to understand everything.

Asset charts on a demo account are the same as on a live one. And you won’t risk your funds when trading.

Step 1: Master the mechanics of trading.

You have to learn how to open and close trades. Although it only takes one click, it is better to train so that you can do it blindfolded. We also recommend that you master the use of Stop Loss and Take Profit orders.

These services protect your profit and limit your risks. In so doing, stop loss and take profit work even when you are not active on the platform.

Step 2: Watch a webinar on trading.

Check out the Olymp Trade Youtube channel for a collection of useful webinars held by the company’s experts.  

Step 3: Master the use of indicators and 2-3 trading strategies.

Indicators are programmed tools for analyzing the price. They provide signals and help you choose the moments when it is better to buy or sell an asset.

A trading strategy is a set of actions that will help you understand whether you should make a trade and decide on its direction. Strategies often consist of a set of indicators.

You will find ready-made instructions in the "Training" section.

Step 4. Trade a lot. Olymp Trade has provided all necessary conditions for comfortable trading:
1. The trading platform is easy to use even for beginners.
2. There is a demo account, which you can top up with 10 000 units free of charge.
3. You can learn how to analyze the chart from professionals.
4. Indicators and trading strategies are available.

All you have to do is to start making trades. The more trading ideas you make real, the closer you get to success.
  • Trade cancellation function. Up to 120% refund
  • Join online trading with an analyst
  • Trading strategies with video tutorials
  • Not
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Jimmy Bonomo
Jimmy Bonomo9 ноября 2020 22:40   Reply
Excellent trading platform. has been working for a very long time and not quite rightly, some consider it not working, to drain the deposit. I have traded here earlier and there were no problems. I advise.

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