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Online slots with the highest RTP

A lot of experienced gamers choose slots building on the company that has made the software. However, this option is not so reliable, because nowadays there are many unknown studios creating true gems. RTP parameter is much more significant. Most casinos publish RTP of their games, but they don’t offer the opportunity to rank the slots based on it to gamblers themselves. Pay your attention to availability of license in each casino, as legal ones show the validity more often. In this article we’ll explain how top 10 slots with the highest RTP are chosen and what this parameter means.

What Is RTP?

RTP stands for Return to Player rate. Most players pay much attention to it, while not knowing what it is. Let’s fill this gap. This value shows what percentage of bets in total is given back to players. It is an officially published measure, so all slots should pass an inspection to check if their random number generators fit the requirements.

RTP is considered the most convenient value if someone needs to find out the profitability of the specific slot. Nevertheless, you have to always take into account the fact that this number is calculated over a long term. Let’s give an example. The slot’s RTP is 96%. If total amount of bets is $10,000, then $9600 will be given back to clients. $400 is the profit of the casino. Of course, everything can happen in the short run. The result is not guaranteed within ten or fifteen spins.

Random number generators are becoming much more complex than they were several days ago, and some statistics cannot be received. However, calculating RTP is the something that will help you to stop depending on luck and increase the odds of winning.

What RTP Levels are Good Enough?

Surely, the percentage must be high enough, but where does the “high” mark start? Most gamblers would ignore a slot if its RTP is lower 94-95%, however, we advise you to find one with RTP bigger than 97%. Slots’ RTP will never be high compared to table and card games. The reasons are quite simple. Slots depend more on luck than on skill. If Return to Player rate is between 96% and 97% it can also be chosen in case of having good bonuses or graphics.

Online slots with the highest RTP

Can there be a mistake with RTP?

Gamblers often suspect everyone of cheating and RTP can help you decide whether the website is fair. If the website is legal, it has passed all the inspections that are necessary. So, if the published Return to Player rate is false, the company will suffer consequences. This website will probably be closed. Legislation is pretty strict, that’s why such cases are not common.

However, there were some big scandals when the laws were violated in the past. For example, Play’n’Go company was accused of making software with different RTP percentage at different websites. Some websites can also try to hide the measures, so that no one will find them. Don’t play on such casinos. It is unsafe and you will lose all your money, most likely.

Other important points

As we said, slots are getting even more complex now, so they can’t be taken under control completely. Luck will always be a defining point. However, you mustn’t depend on chance every time. Choices of the website and slot are in your hands. Make decisions wisely: read the reviews of real players, check positions of the casino on various ratings and find out more about it. The more you know the better experience you will have playing slots.
All the slots presented on the list are verified. The rating is objective, as we do not cooperate with casinos. We have interviewed gamblers and experts in this field to find out what slots are the best in terms of RTP, design and convenience. We hope you will like all of them!

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