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Lightning Roulette

Lightning Roulette is a game that most online roulette players will like. It was chosen as Game of the Year in 2018 and Product of the Year at the same time. The game created by Evolutionary Gaming has all the features of ordinary roulette (the live wheel, the live dealer, the full line-up of bets), while adding some extra ones based on RNG.

The point of Lightning Roulette is already stated in its title. There are five numbers which get struck by lightning. You can get up to 5 boosts each round, so potential payouts may increase 500 times. The live casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Everything sounds pretty interesting so far, doesn’t it?

How to Play the Game

The rules of Lightning Roulette are easy to understand: you have to bet on a place where the ball will stop. Both inside and outside bets are available. The minimum amount of money you can use is 20 pennies and the maximum is £10,000.

The payouts are the same as in the standard roulette: it is 30:1 for a split bet and even money for bets on corners, black/red, splits and and odd/even. The difference between the two games starts when boosted numbers appear on the table.

Lightning Roulette

When the opportunity to place bets is closed, several random numbers may occur. They will be struck by lightning, so you won’t miss it. If you have betted on of these numbers and the ball has stopped there, then your win will be much bigger. The smallest multiplier is 50x and the biggest is 500x. If there isn’t a boosted payout for you, don’t worry. You will still get an ordinary prize for a successful bet.

The design

There are several decoration styles and camera views to choose from, so playing will be enjoyable for you. Everybody will like the way the game looks, as orientation is toggleable and the interface is adaptive. You can play Lightning Roulette both on desktop version or mobile, and that’s also a great advantage over other similar games.

Game rules are presented on the screen. There is also information covering statistics, payouts and much more. In case you want a more interactive experience, there is an opportunity to change camera angles. Moreover, your favorite bets can be saved, so that you can use them once again. Click the star icon at the bottom of the screen to do so.

Lightning Roulette was launched in 2018 and it looks contemporary even two years later. This is possible because of people working on it. They always listen to gamblers’ reviews and make changes according to them. Your opinion is very important for developers, as it’s the only way for the game to be as great as it is now.


The best live roulette features are combined with RNG elements in Lightning Roulette. This attracts a lot of slot players as well as casino users. The reasons of such huge popularity are pretty simple. You can win a lot of money while doing what you like and wherever you want.

All popular payment methods are supported in the game. Money will be available within several minutes after a deposit. It is secured by the latest encryption technologies, so you don’t have to worry about safety. Withdrawals are pretty fast, as well. Your winnings are to be sent to your chosen wallet or bank card as quick as it is possible. However, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours in some situations.

The game offers gamblers a unique experience. Thousands of people have already tried Lightning Roulette. So what are you waiting for? It will be much easier to choose the type of roulette if you try playing both traditional version and this one. The developers have put much effort into creating the game, and the reviews show us that this effort weren’t in vain.

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