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Sports Betting apps for Android

Some people think of betting as a source of easy money. Of course, they never succeed in this field. However, there are also those who know that knowledge is the real power in betting. It rules everything from choosing a bookmaker to predicting a result of a specific match.

The second important thing here is an ability to adapt. The world of betting doesn’t stay the same. New strategies appear, old ones stop being popular. The same can be told about the way people bet. Just several decades ago we couldn’t imagine that we would place bets online, but now this is real. It’s much more convenient, as you don’t have to go anywhere to do what you like. Mobile apps make the process even better. Italian betting apps

Sports Betting apps for Android

Android is the most popular mobile platform nowadays, that’s why we will mostly talk about it in the article. It’s simple and comfortable to use. Moreover, developers have more opportunities to create applications on this operating system. Betting companies take advantage of it. You can download apps even if a bookie is illegal in a specific country. There’s no need to use Google Play for that.

How to Choose an App?

Choosing an app to bet on depends mostly on personal taste of each person, but there are some aspects you should pay attention to:


Not all of us like to place bets on such popular sports as football, tennis, basketball etc. If your favorite sport is quite rare, then you should firstly check whether a bookmaker offers it on the app. Do you wish to make UFC picks? Are you looking for a place to bet on cricket? What about Australian football? If it’s important, you’d better examine everything first.

Ease of Use

The app must be simple to use. What’s the point in it if you don’t know where to find broadcasts or recent results. You should spend time on placing bets, not figuring out how to use it. Several minutes are usually enough to find out whether the program is suitable for you or not.

Bet Options

There must be a variety of wagering options on the perfect app. A lot of betting strategies are based on such outcome types as totals, point spreads, handicaps etc. You should also check if live betting is available. You would be surprised to find out that some bookies don’t provide their clients with such an opportunity. If there aren’t any bet options apart from choosing the winner of the match, then the application is bad. This is quite simple.


Are there any incentives for both new and old players? A free wager and deposit bonus are the most popular features bookmakers provide. You should be sure about the fact that your bookie cares about you feeling comfortable. If this isn’t true in your case, then you should think of choosing another company to trust your money to.

Bet Tracker

Tracking bets is very important. If everything is going alright, you must be able to find out about it quickly. It’s even more important in case you are losing as you will have an opportunity to return the parlay before it’s too late. Nothing can be more annoying than placing bets on several events and forgetting what matches you chose.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

A good app should have at least 30 deposit and withdrawal methods available. After downloading the program, check whether your preferred method is there. What the point in an opportunity to pay with Bitcoin if you use PayPal most of the time? The duration of withdrawals is also very significant as nobody likes to wait for his money for too long.


When it comes to choosing a company to trust your money to, reliability is the most important thing. The app must have a great reputation. Look for reviews of the bookie on the Internet. Focus mostly on negative ones, as they are more credible. It would be really sad to lose all the money because of poor choice, so be careful. It can be hard to return what you earned, especially if the company is registered offshore. Even a court will not help you with that, as such cases are under jurisdiction of other countries.


English is the language of international communication. However, it’s not native for all of us. If it’s more convenient for you to use another language, then it must be available on the app. Remember that you must understand everything in order not to be deceived. The currency you use should also be supported, as there is no point in placing bets if you will spend the winnings on exchangers.

The best apps

We have taken into account all of these criteria to present the list of the best sports betting apps for Android. While creating it, we have interviewed hundreds of people. There are newbies, professional betters and representatives of well-known betting websites (such as AndroidBettingAppGuide) among them. In this rating, you can find what you have been looking for in a long time.

All the applications on the list are 100% trustworthy, so you can rely on them. These bookmakers will never deceive anyone, as there haven’t been any cases of such a behavior. Many currencies and languages are available, so you will feel comfortable while using the apps. You will be able to withdraw your winnings as soon as the events you placed bets on are finished. Support teams are always ready to solve all the issues you may face while creating parlays.

We don’t cooperate with any bookmakers, so you can be sure that the rating is completely unbiased. To make the right choice among presented applications, click on one of them and read reviews at the bottom of the page. By doing this, you will find out what people like and dislike about each app, so the choice will become much simpler. After using one or several apps from the list, don’t forget to write your own review to help others. That’s how mutual assistance works.

Betting on smartphones is really convenient as you can do it everywhere if there is Internet connection. Just choose an app from the rating and start creating parlays. Thousands of people have already done it, so what are you waiting for? Fast withdrawals, high odds and huge winnings are here for you. It’s time to use such an opportunity.

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