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Trustly’s Pay N Play

Trustly is a well-known company in the online gambling field, and Pay N Play is its most popular product. The technology is used to eliminate remove time-consuming registration and verification procedures and make gambling much more enjoyable for regular users. Pay N Play was created in 2015 and has gained a huge popularity since that time. About 100 online casinos have already implemented the technology, and it’s the only payment method for some of them.

At first, Trustly wanted to know what the most annoying thing about online casinos is for gamblers. As the research revealed, over 90% people wanted to withdraw their money instantly. What is more, the company has found out that a lot of gamblers register in online casinos, but don’t make a deposit. People also disliked that they need to pass verification procedure. Trustly has found a solution for all three problems. The payment service has made it possible to make deposits and withdraw winnings instantly. Moreover, now there’s no need to register and pass identification.

Advantages for Gamblers

Let’s look at all the advantages for gamblers. Casinos usually want gamblers to fill a huge registration form. The identification procedure is needed after that. Verification takes too much time, as you must send ID copies and casinos shall check if everything is alright. It’s no more a problem with Trustly's Pay N Play casinos. The service provides all the data to the operator by itself, so the procedure is much quicker and easier to pass.

You don’t have to do much to use the technology. Just choose a casino from the list, click “Play” and make a deposit. After several seconds you are able to enjoy your favorite games and make profit out of them. If you have won enough, then just enter the sum of money you wish to withdraw. You will receive it almost immediately.

Trustly’s Pay N Play

Unlike many other payment systems, Trustly is completely free, so you are not charged any fees. The service is completely safe, as the highest encryption standards are implemented. Gamblers’ personal data isn’t collected, so nobody can get access to your bank account information.

Last but not the least, you don’t have to remember passwords for each casino, as there’s no need to register in it. Instead of that, you can authenticate yourself via bank account or electronic ID number. This also means that nobody but you can enter your profile in a casino, so that adds a bit more safety.

Benefits for Casinos

Online casinos have some advantages for using Pay N Play:
⦁ Conversion. Gamblers can play only after they make a deposit, so there’s no possibility for a person to register on the website and never get back to it.

⦁ Security. Trustly is a secure payment system which guarantees that fraud will not be a thing. Two-layer authentication is needed for a deposit and clients won’t be afraid that somebody will use their money.

⦁ Identification. Casinos don’t need to collect personal data about all the gamblers to allow gambling to them. Trustly has already verified clients through their bank accounts and ID numbers.


The Pay N Play payment system has already changed the world of online gambling. The technology is constantly getting popular, and many casinos want it to be implemented on their websites. Players now have an opportunity to try out new games from the best suppliers through licensed casinos without the need for registration and verification.
Certainly, new technologies are to come, but now Pay N Play seems to become a future for the majority of online casinos. The system has a lot of benefits for both gambling companies and players, so its further growth is just a matter of time.

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