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Blackjack Myths Exposed

Can people really count cards to win at Blackjack?

Yes and no. For card counting to be effective, it would involve playing thousands of hands over a long period. There is really no chance that players can be certain about which card is going to come up next in the deck. Really, it’s about the odds over a long period of time – it’s more about probability and less about card counting being predictive.

Blackjack is about getting as close as possible to 21, right?

Not really. The main purpose is for the player to simply beat the dealer’s hand. Standing is advisable depending on your own hand and the dealer’s card that’s showing on the table.

Does the dealer impact whether you win or lose? Are they good luck or bad luck?

No, it all has to do with the choices made by the player. The dealer is just the one dealing the cards and following the rules of the house and has nothing to do with the choices of the individual players. There’s no such thing as the cards in the deck or the dealer being in your favour or against you.

You shouldn’t play at a table with inexperienced players because their bad decisions impact your ability to win, isn’t that true?

Not necessarily. It really doesn’t impact the game because it all depends upon the individual decisions of the individual players. Sometimes the table wins, sometimes the tables loses no matter whether the players are experienced or inexperienced.

Another myth is that you can offset your losses or win by taking the insurance.

It doesn’t work. Taking insurance while having blackjack will cost you 13% profit earned in each blackjack you draw. To be at a break even point with insurance is only possible when you will guess the cards one out every three times.

Some folks follow the myth that by hitting their own hand, a player might win the game. In reality, though, by not hitting your hand, you could also win. Basically, you just need to follow the guides that casinos provide in terms of when to hit and when to stay depending on what number you’re standing at and what card the dealer is showing.

One of the most popular myths is that players should assume take the strategy of assuming the dealer’s hold card is a ten or face card.

The fact is that there may be four times as many tens in a blackjack deck as any other card but there are still over twice as many cards that aren’t worth ten. Statistically, there is a 70% chance that the dealer’s hold card is not a ten.

The last myth we’re going to explore is the one that you have to be good at math to be successful at blackjack. All you really have to be able to do is keep track of high cards and low cards and perform basic addition.

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